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Friday, August 22, 2008

Guest Blogger

Good day people.

First and foremost,please allow me to introduce myself. I may not appear here as often as yours truly herself but I am definitely gonna take this opportunity to pen down some thoughts here. We just got back after a long and tiring day shopping in Bangsar! =) Had lunch in Delicious with Yee Wa,and boy we sure did had a great time! Guilty pleasures,but it was all worth it.

I am here sitting down in front of her computer,hoping to leave an impact on her page which i doubt it'll work but oh well; I am feeling terribly sad now because my dear best friend is flying off on Sunday. Its been a great two months spent together and its just awfully painful to know that its all gonna come to an end soon. You will be missed dearly. =(

She was such a great friend,and that fact has never changed. I'm surprised that the time and distance hasn't change one bit about us and whoever said that friendship doesn't last? You may disagree with me on everything else,but this you must not. I love this very dear friend of mine,and i promise to save up money to get my ass to US to visit you okays! :D

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Some things that money just can't buy.
P/S: I Love You.


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