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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I am officially ZOMBIFIED.
Sleeping at wee hours in the morning was never my thing and having insomnia at the same time ain't helping either. I am so freaking tired that my eyes are watering and I can feel my head muscles contract every once in a while. My body just can't take it anymore.
I need sleep, I want sleep, I must sleep.
These past few night was spent practicing dance till 2-3am in the morning for the Taylor's Dance Competition.

*click on picture to enlarge*

We've prepared a really interesting 4 minute plus routine of different sorts of dance styles hoping to catch the eyes of the judges and audiences.

TAYLORS DANCE CLUB is featuring Euphoria's DJ Patrick Oliver and many other guest. So even if you don't want to support us, just go and enjoy the music and dance. :)

Check out other details and events at www.taylorsdanceclub.blogspot.com

Btw, we're called the DUA COOPANGS ;)

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