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Monday, August 18, 2008

Less than a week left

Gosh, at first I thought coming back for 7 weeks would be a little too long.
I couldn't imagine life without class or work for 7 whole weeks. I mean, what am I suppose to do throughout that time? As much as I like hanging out with my friends, the fact that everyone are having classes and exams kinda got into me and left me thinking that I probably wouldn't be doing anything important or productive throughout my 7 week stay here in Malaysia.
My initial plan was to travel around for food with my Rm1000 savings and hope that I can survive with only that. Thank goodness mum saved up the Angpaus from uncles and aunts who are lovely enough to give even though I was overseas.
I remembered having all those plans of hanging out here and there, visiting places, doing this, that and everything I could think of in Malaysia under the sun. haha. I even blogged a list of *Things to do* on the 1st of July and I still have not achieved half of it.

Lets check the list shall we?

1. Hug my Dear Parents the minute I arrive.
*which I have the second I saw them :)
2. Go around searching of yummilicious food.
*Hmmm... I guess I can't consider myself doing that because I have yet to taste my favorite Nyonya Laksa, Taiwanese Beef Noodles, Lemang, Crab Pan Mee and etc.
3. Clubbing and drink up some good cocktails.
*Yes, I absolutely LOVE Euphoria for the fact that its a smoke free club. Unfortunately alcohol here in Malaysia is so darn expensive compared to America's cheap beer and liquor.
4. Visit all the new malls.
*I have not been to The Gardens yet!!!
ANd I am still dying to go to the Curve's flea market :(
5. Get a few sets of Underwear and Bras.
*hehe... bought Rm300+ worth of it and I am happy :)
I even bought a stick on bra for special occasions! whee*
6. Go for the Fish Spa
*Yes, and it does work although it could be freaking ticklish at first.
7. Hang out with the Brady Bunch
*Yes I have but I still wanna go to Sky Bar!
8. Karaoke Sessions
*Gosh... its either I have never been to a Karaoke Box or I over sang. I guess I have been there about 5 times now throughout my 6 weeks here excluding the singing sessions with missycheerio :)
9. Visit Sunway University College and my Juniors
*Erm, guess I have not visited Sunway University but thank goodness I have met up with simple cheryl and friends for clubbing. Wish I could do it again but she will be leaving a couple of days.
10. Support Chee Wei in So You Think You Can Dance Season 2
*Well, sad that he didn't enter top 4 because of producer's predetermined results. But what the heck, in the end the most talented people will rise. At least I've been to Rumms to watch his opening dance and not to forget, we even competed together at Taylor's Dance Arena just last week! :)
I guess I could consider that as my most productive thing that I have done here in Malaysia.

So yeah, I have FIVE more days left.
Five dear days.
Gosh, this is bittersweet.
It's like I am dying to go back to the laid back lifestyle, to see my dear friends and to hide from MummyDearest's constant nagging. (her excuse is that she is going to nag as much because we're going to be gone for a couple of years and she wants to make up the nagging years that we're going to miss and its getting pretty...... annoying)
On the other hand, I don't want to leave my family, my homegrown Malaysian friends (you know who you are) and of course the absolutely mouthwatering variety of foods. If only I could bring everything back with me and have the best of both worlds (which I know is pretty darn impossible).
I have so many things to do this week.
Pack pack pack, go to the dentist, take family portrait, meet up with more people, eat local food, sleep and etc.
Boy, why didn't I do those earlier?

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