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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Macau Part II
I am currently blogging from Missycheerio's cozy house. Gosh if I didn't step out from where I usually blog from I would probably never upload any pictures or whatsoever due to the freaking slow internet connection.
Seriously, if this goes on, ima lose all my inspiration and mood to blog.

Anyway, the main attraction in Macau was The Venetian.
It wasn't exactly the MAIN place but its new and plus we've read a whole lot about it before going and since Kenny Sia recommended that place.

Day 3

The Venetian is inspired by Las Vegas' +The Venetian+
The entire building had a venetian twist to the architecture. The best part about the whole place was the ceilings were filled with enormous and GORGEOUS paintings.

There were tonnes of people over there (well as usual, its China)

Check out the awesome lighting behind us.

Daddykins and Mummy Dearest

People dressed up in all sorts of Venetian costumes and a walking statue painted white.

Even the escalator has a stylish curve to suit the entire majestic Venetian theme.

We weren't allowed to take pictures in and of the casino. If I could I would because the entire Casino looks humongous, classy and packed with people hoping to get rich.

The Venetian ceiling.

They got singers to entertain passengers while taking them for a short tour in the Venetian Building.

Typical tourist area.

I have ditsy family members and I guess that's obvious

The food court

A Casino, Hotel, Mall, and a Resort all in one

The pretty pretty bathroom filled with mirrors! I like!

The Venetian bathrooms inspired a mini teeny photoshoot.

Along the walk way.

We watched professional classically trained performers do their thing.

The 3 monkeys in front of the Safari Restaurant.

One of the elegant mask displays from an expensive mask shop

Found a shop called Kee Wah.
We were laughing at the spelling when we found out that Khee Wah tested daddy's phone to offer to pick us up at the airport.

Dad's typo

One of the Pharaoh Themed Casinos that we dropped by

Joining em Egyptian Crew

Outside the Pharaoh's Palace.


Walking in the hot night

Exercising in the middle of the night at a park.

Daddykins and Mummydearest getting fit.

Looking like a retarted child

Another Creative Casino with awesome designs.
Lynn in front of her Bull.

Daddy and his Goat

Mummy and I the dragons of the house.

Day 4
We visited the Famous Ruins of St. Pauls.
This majestic looking piece of architecture was built by the Jesuits from 1582-1602. After that, the Japanese Exiles carved the facade from 1620-1627.

Mom: Lets take pictures of all of the BeiJing Olympic Mascots!
Yenn: Are you crazy? Don't want la.. some more so many people
Mom: Eh, you don't take now you got no chance to take already. How ofter is Beijing going to host the Olympics?
Yenn: *speechless*

See the old design

Along the steps pf the Ruin's of St. Paul's

As you could see... there were tonnes of people there. I guess it pretty impossible to have a picture taken without any stranger standing behind.

Went up the park right next to St. Paul's for the overview of the Macau city.

At the Fortress

A random silly picture that we took.

Went into the Museum

Had the famous Portuguese Egg Tarts. Really like nothing I have ever tasted. The crust melts in your mouth and the filling is to die for.

We kinda regretted getting only one each.
*Lynn's clumsy finger over lens*

After the hot walk around the park and museum we took a taxi to the Fisherman's Wraft.
I guess we kinda made a mistake by going to the Wraft during the hot afternoon and going to the Venetian at night because it was said that the Wraft looked amazing in the evening.

The Fisherman's Wraft is also a pretty tourist attraction with a splash of all sorts of different cultures in the building architecture and landmarks.

With em parents.

The amusement Arcade.

The amusement park.

A random shot at a random place.

The Roman colleseum.

Lynn and one of the Casinos nearby called Golden Sands.

Along the Holland walk way.

After the visit to the Fisherman's Wraft we then made our way to the Airport for home.
Took another random shot at the waiting area.

Introducing my anonymous boyfriend.

Well as you can see, I really do not have the mood to blog right now.
The slow internet connection is draining me out and whatever I wanted to write then when I took the pictures are all in the drain. I'm so annoyed.
My apology :(

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