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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Ministry of Sound- Euphoria
Lol. I know this was way last week but what can I say, told you the slow connection was driving me insane :)
On a happier note, I finally get to go clubbing with Sexy Simple Cheryl and my other juniors.

The gang

Sexy Cheryl and I at the entrance

The unbelievable fact that I can't enter any clubs or drink in the United States made me told myself that when I get back ima club as drink as much as I can.
Well, I guess I can be lazy at times because so far I've only clubbed once and I've only got about 3 weeks left. And as for drinking, alcohol here is insanely overpriced. A bottle of Smirnoff here is Rm250 and we could have gotten the same thing for only about 20 something USD.
I might as well drink illegally at the States.

The ladies of the night.
*YenN, Sweet Yvonne and Sexy Cheryl.

And as for the boys.
Haha... all of them are juniors. I swear if it wasn't because of Cheryl I would have known none of them.

A good boy in disguise.
You would never guess that he shakes his 'thang' like crazy when he gets to the dance floor.

Mark. I guess he is the only Junior of my time that I knew.
I kinda felt old because I didn't know any of them except this dude here and Cheryl.
But t'was all good at the end of the night :)

Mr. Newbie over here was a first time clubber that night.
Poor fella felt a lil arkward when we were all shaking to the beat and he was left all standing there alone.


*Camwhore pictures*

I don't know about the smokers (and I have nothing against them), I loved the fact that the club is smoke free. That was one of the reasons why I don't club much because I hate being surrounded by the stink smell of cigarettes.

Hung out at KFC after the club

Sweet Von

Sexy Simple Cheryl was the one of the few people who brought me to a club (Maisons) for the first time actually. And now she brought me to MOS.
I kinda feel like a little girl in this :(
I've only been clubbing 3 times in my entire life anyways.

till then*

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