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Friday, September 26, 2008

I am so so tired.
I can't think.
Is there a button you can shut off in our body at the end of the day?
Feels like I'm getting sick.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Sunny Saturday at the Beach

I've been wanting to go to the beach way before winter ended in Kalamazoo.
I was even pretty disappointed when daddy changed our holiday plan from Bali to Macau. And finally someone decided to plan a trip down to South Haven while I was too busy to do so because of long classes and rehearsals.
Many thanks to Ngai Hou, eleven of us terribly bored people manage to squeeze ourselves into 2 vehicles and made our way to the relaxing fresh water beach located only 45 minutes away from Borin' ol' Kalamazoo.

Some of us after dinner

The view was awesome but not as nice as a year ago.
Some how the color of the sky and water appeared to be more gray.

I wish to have a Summer house right next to the beach... if I can ever afford.

Took a whole lot of camwhore pictures. It was awesome and I needed it although it was only the thrid week of school.

Our trademark jump.
Simple Cheryl and I

Camwhored with Shadows because Mike was getting bored of us lazing around doing nothign but sun bathing.
"Let's do something more productive!!"

Mikey Zai and I

Jeph and I

Some of us waiting to get the fire started.
From left: Ngai Hou, Jeph, Mikey, Lingkit, Amin, Cheryl (at the bottom) and Mark

Lovin' the sunny afternoon.
Gosh, it is officially the second day of Autumn. It'll be turning cold soon :(

The pretty night lights across the beach.
Lucky rich people with houses by the beach.
I wanna be rich too!!

This semester is so darn packed with so many things. And most of the time I am praying for weekends to come by fast because I getting so tired by Monday night.
Gosh.... When is the next holiday?

Can't wait for Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas... I love holidays.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Brave lil Thumb

Lynn took this picture while we were waiting for the x-ray at the laboratory.

Haha.. not only my thumb was swollen, my face was too from crying and laughing at the same time.

The comparison of both thumbs.

Doesn't look that bad actually. More like internal bleeding.
We should have taken pictures of the bloody towels. LoL
I'll take a picture of the stupid refrigerator door the next time the you'll see how big it was.

I never thought that my thumb is THAT useful to me

Since I can't get it wet, I can't wash my hair because I need 2 hands.
I thought of getting a condom and sticking it unto my thumb but.... nah
Rather not wash it.

I can't put on my bra, because obviously I need my thumb for that.
Well, there is always sports bra until my thumb is usable.
And who cares of my boobs looks squashed.

Can't work now since all my posts requires my hands to get wet.
I think I'd have to stick to the checker stand instead where all I do is swipe student's cards for 3 hours.

Tried practicing my songs today and usually I would accompany myself on the piano.
Had to play without my thumb which is darn ridiculous.
Thank goodness I am not a piano, or a violin, or any sort if instrument major.

Brushing my teeth with my left hand leaves an unclean feeling on my teeth.
But who cares. That's why I have Listerine.

One of our projects in out stage craft class is to make a tote bag.
Tried sewing on the slip stitch and a button for the key holder on my bag, but I can't
At least the other parts of the bags are machine sewn.

I still have my Brave lil Thumb! :)
A teeny fracture and a bruise ain't gonna kill me.
AND, my left hand feels more useful now.

Have a great one.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just when I thought that my days could be worst, guess what?
I did the silliest thing any human being could ever do.

I slammed my thumb in the Cafeteria's Refrigerator/Cooler's door.
Mind you, its not the normal refrigerator we have at home. It's the big ass industrial looking sound proof silver metal freaking door with a huge latch as it's handle.
The door is so big that it is pretty impossible to close it shut.
To close it, you would have to slam it.

Yea, so I slammed my poor lil thumb in between the latch.
I was probably stuck there for about 5-6 long minutes.
It was so dramatic, the managers were there, union workers were there, supervisors were all there to calm me down.
Unfortunately, the door couldn't be opened to let my thumb out as it would press my thumb further into the latch, neither could they push it open from inside because the door between the cooler and the dining area is sound proof so they wouldn't know if I was hurting or not.
At first I wasn't crying of anything because I couldn't feel the pain as it numbed the hell out of my entire hand. After awhile I started to panic because my stupid brains were playing tricks on me saying that my thumb is broken because I can't feel it, or I might just lose it.

I was practically laughing at my own stupidity and crying with pain at the same time.

One of the union workers was supporting my weight (just in case I fainted) and one took olive oil and started pouring it on my thumb hoping the I could squeeze it out from the latch.
One of the managers almost called 911, while the other called the maintenance guys to come over the cafeteria and unscrew the door.

Yes, I said unscrew the entire door.

So that was how I got out.

They wrapped my hand in 2 cloths filled with ice and the brought me over to the health center for and x-ray check. By the time I got to the health center, my tissue and the cloths I had in my hands were all bloody that I wanted to keep it for souvenir purposes.

I tell you la, I was such a wreck. I couldn't even speak to my friend on the phone to ask her to let my professor know that I won't be coming to class. In the end, Lynn had to talk to Alicia for me.
Gosh, it was like the worst few days of my life.

On the happier note,
I found my purse in the library and miraculously, no one took it.
It was freaking left there, untouched.
AND, my thumb is still alive and its just a fracture :)
God is good.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A tragic thing has just happened.



I FREAKING DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008


Professor JB: "Sometimes I even think of you as an American girl than someone that came half way round the globe. You really blended in."

There were several times when people whom I know for quite awhile stop as asked, "Wait, you mean you're not from America? I thought you were from Grand Rapids or some other town!"
It's good to hear that, because that would mean that I am not that bad in my American Accent which I struggled for awhile.
So while I was happy in my own little American world for a couple of months, I got snapped out into reality when I was asked to give a simple answer for extra credit for my stage craft class.
Question: Name your favorite Muppet.

My head was saying, "What on earth is a muppet? Mop and a Puppet or a Puppet on a mop?"
Dang it.
I was thinking so hard while everyone else were busy writing down their favorite childhood muppet from Cartoons, Books, Toys, and stories that the grew up with.

And my answer to that question was,
I can't name any Muppet that I know because I grew up in a different culture which is half way round the earth and all I know back then that was American would be Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck was my favorite.

Another occasion,

Jeph: "Hey since we're so bored, lets play *Are you smarter than a fifth grader* (A popular reality trivia/questionnaire TV show turned to digital game)

And to tell you the truth, I could answer any of the questions because I learned Malaysian History, not American, I do math in Chinese when I was in elementary school and in Malay when I was in high school. Come to think about it, I did everything in Malay. As thus, I couldn't answer any of the Math, History or Science question because I don't know English Terms well enough.
So I am not smarter than a fifth grader after all :(

I came home telling Lynn about my Muppet day and she also told me about her Children Literature Class and how she didn't recognize any of the Toy figures and books that every American Kid grew up with. So were on the same boat.

Guess I am not that American after all :)
Malaysia Boleh!!!

So much has been going on lately and I don't have time to blog at all. There were days when I never even touch my laptop because I would leave the house at 6am in the morning and probably come back ready to do nothing but sleep because of the long tiring day I had.
I really feel like an old Granny who does nothing but wake up early, do her thang, come home and sleep. I have no life at all!!! grrrrr....
I have learned that it is not easy to juggle all work, class, homework and rehearsals and I really Salute to those who are having 4 jobs and taking 16 credit hours at the same time.
*tells myself, I have to be grateful for whatever circumstance because that is what mummy dearest and daddykins would say*

Okay, at least I have Sunday off for the next couple of weeks till my hectic rehearsal schedule kicks in :)

On the other hand,
I recorded my class scene that Billy and I worked on for our Musical Theatre Class.

We do not belong together from Sunday in the Park with George.
A musical based on a half true half fictional story of a real French Artist named George Seurat.
George Seurat founded the Pointillism technique, a way to develop hundreds of different different colors and light effects with just a few colors on his palate. His artworks were all formed by little tiny dots.

*The actual painting that is still kept in a museum in Chicago*

Enjoy, and please comment :)

Till then, I seriously don't know when is the next time I am going to blog.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Party yes, party no?

Okay I have tried.
A lot of people whom I know always have this stereotype against me saying that I am a party animal and I club a lot and shyte. I never understood why people say that. I remembered my first time at a club at Maisons back home, people would come up to me saying that I'm a clubber this and that, and I'll be like.....

*No? This is my first time*

And people would be like.... *No Way*

Lynn always says that I am a party queen and if it wasn't because of my strict parents with Cinderella curfew I would have been a party animal dancing and drinking the night away at clubs or house parties.

I just came back from a house party yesterday from Jeph's and I even dragged along the entire new Malaysian Gang with me. I kinda felt bad as I didn't know that it was going to a be late party because everyone else who are above 21 are partying at the nearest club.
Hah. Sucks to be below 21.

*I do agree that when I am comfortable around my friends, I do dance.

Like seriously, we stoned the entire night. Drank some Jungle Juice (which is their homemade cocktail-ish drink), chat a lil, and tapped our feet to the Rnb Music. That was all we did.
Pathetic right?
Although the party picked itself up when all everyone came for the after party and the Malaysian Gang went home, all I did was I stood there at the corner and looked pretty.
*or at least I tried to.*

Conclusion: Sue-Yenn is not a party person.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Class Work Practice Work Rehearsal Class
whoa.... I barely have time to sleep. Just when I thought that a 8am class is early, I got scheduled to a 6am shift at work. And that means that I have to work up at 5.30am.

On the other hand, I am really happy about my rehearsals for the show that I am going to be performing in which is opening on 26 October. It is going to be the my Debut in the United States and I am darn excited about it!!! :) The cast members who I am working with are all really supportive, fun and very encouraging.
I am so blessed.

The sad thing about this semester is that I would have to write a huge thesis paper for my course about the Musical Theatre world. And who says that Theatre majors are stupid and can't write or think nuts. Well, if you are one of them, I would appreciated it if you please do the honor of slamming your head unto the nearest wall in front of you. thank you :)

Anyways, I am just ranting because I have nothing to talk about.
Sucks that my blog is about to die.
I promise that I will update more when I get over these first few weeks.
Till then, I still love you all :)


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Painful Urination.
Signs of blood in urine.
Pain in the lower abdomen.
Urgency of wanting to urine *every single damn 3 minutes*.
Hesitance during process of urination.
Slight fever/ occasional chills.

Damn Urinary Tract Infection!!!!!!!
I even feel like peeing while I was doing Pilates in my freaking Conditioning class!
Can I just NOT feel like peeing?!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Dear Wong Ming Wei,

I missed you so much.
Thank you so much for the card that you sent. I swear, tears actually welled up in my eyes because it brought back so many fond memories of high school and us being best friends, puppy lovey dovey, and enemies.

I mean truth be told, how often do we actually 'fan mien' with a person who is not related to you.
Okay, guess I've put that wrongly. I'm sure you had many 'I hate you and I am not going to speak to you again encounters'.
But not me.
The only people that I actually stopped talking with for at least a year would be ShiYin and You.
And I love you both to death. You guys are like my brother and sister from a different mother............. and father of course ;)
Just to let you know that you are very significant in my life and even when we don't talk 24/7, you are still very damn darn dear to me because I know that I can rely on you, seek you for advices *since you're so experienced*, and have pretty intellectual conversations.
Why aren't you back in Malaysia when I was back?!
Why la salah timing?! :'(
I miss you so much la.
I wish you were here.
I'd hug you tight tight, no doubt.

And I just found out.
Wong Ming Wei arrrrrrr.... I don't have any of your pictures :(
Cannot believe that we know each other for so long and I don't have a single picture of you.
Dang it,
You better fly here to take a picture with me now.... or if you want an easy way out, use your photoshop skills to make a picture of us! lol.

On the other hand,
Classes, work, rehearsals, meetings and auditions are starting tomorrow!!!!!