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Friday, September 12, 2008


Professor JB: "Sometimes I even think of you as an American girl than someone that came half way round the globe. You really blended in."

There were several times when people whom I know for quite awhile stop as asked, "Wait, you mean you're not from America? I thought you were from Grand Rapids or some other town!"
It's good to hear that, because that would mean that I am not that bad in my American Accent which I struggled for awhile.
So while I was happy in my own little American world for a couple of months, I got snapped out into reality when I was asked to give a simple answer for extra credit for my stage craft class.
Question: Name your favorite Muppet.

My head was saying, "What on earth is a muppet? Mop and a Puppet or a Puppet on a mop?"
Dang it.
I was thinking so hard while everyone else were busy writing down their favorite childhood muppet from Cartoons, Books, Toys, and stories that the grew up with.

And my answer to that question was,
I can't name any Muppet that I know because I grew up in a different culture which is half way round the earth and all I know back then that was American would be Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck was my favorite.

Another occasion,

Jeph: "Hey since we're so bored, lets play *Are you smarter than a fifth grader* (A popular reality trivia/questionnaire TV show turned to digital game)

And to tell you the truth, I could answer any of the questions because I learned Malaysian History, not American, I do math in Chinese when I was in elementary school and in Malay when I was in high school. Come to think about it, I did everything in Malay. As thus, I couldn't answer any of the Math, History or Science question because I don't know English Terms well enough.
So I am not smarter than a fifth grader after all :(

I came home telling Lynn about my Muppet day and she also told me about her Children Literature Class and how she didn't recognize any of the Toy figures and books that every American Kid grew up with. So were on the same boat.

Guess I am not that American after all :)
Malaysia Boleh!!!

So much has been going on lately and I don't have time to blog at all. There were days when I never even touch my laptop because I would leave the house at 6am in the morning and probably come back ready to do nothing but sleep because of the long tiring day I had.
I really feel like an old Granny who does nothing but wake up early, do her thang, come home and sleep. I have no life at all!!! grrrrr....
I have learned that it is not easy to juggle all work, class, homework and rehearsals and I really Salute to those who are having 4 jobs and taking 16 credit hours at the same time.
*tells myself, I have to be grateful for whatever circumstance because that is what mummy dearest and daddykins would say*

Okay, at least I have Sunday off for the next couple of weeks till my hectic rehearsal schedule kicks in :)

On the other hand,
I recorded my class scene that Billy and I worked on for our Musical Theatre Class.

We do not belong together from Sunday in the Park with George.
A musical based on a half true half fictional story of a real French Artist named George Seurat.
George Seurat founded the Pointillism technique, a way to develop hundreds of different different colors and light effects with just a few colors on his palate. His artworks were all formed by little tiny dots.

*The actual painting that is still kept in a museum in Chicago*

Enjoy, and please comment :)

Till then, I seriously don't know when is the next time I am going to blog.

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