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Monday, September 01, 2008

Dear Wong Ming Wei,

I missed you so much.
Thank you so much for the card that you sent. I swear, tears actually welled up in my eyes because it brought back so many fond memories of high school and us being best friends, puppy lovey dovey, and enemies.

I mean truth be told, how often do we actually 'fan mien' with a person who is not related to you.
Okay, guess I've put that wrongly. I'm sure you had many 'I hate you and I am not going to speak to you again encounters'.
But not me.
The only people that I actually stopped talking with for at least a year would be ShiYin and You.
And I love you both to death. You guys are like my brother and sister from a different mother............. and father of course ;)
Just to let you know that you are very significant in my life and even when we don't talk 24/7, you are still very damn darn dear to me because I know that I can rely on you, seek you for advices *since you're so experienced*, and have pretty intellectual conversations.
Why aren't you back in Malaysia when I was back?!
Why la salah timing?! :'(
I miss you so much la.
I wish you were here.
I'd hug you tight tight, no doubt.

And I just found out.
Wong Ming Wei arrrrrrr.... I don't have any of your pictures :(
Cannot believe that we know each other for so long and I don't have a single picture of you.
Dang it,
You better fly here to take a picture with me now.... or if you want an easy way out, use your photoshop skills to make a picture of us! lol.

On the other hand,
Classes, work, rehearsals, meetings and auditions are starting tomorrow!!!!!

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