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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just when I thought that my days could be worst, guess what?
I did the silliest thing any human being could ever do.

I slammed my thumb in the Cafeteria's Refrigerator/Cooler's door.
Mind you, its not the normal refrigerator we have at home. It's the big ass industrial looking sound proof silver metal freaking door with a huge latch as it's handle.
The door is so big that it is pretty impossible to close it shut.
To close it, you would have to slam it.

Yea, so I slammed my poor lil thumb in between the latch.
I was probably stuck there for about 5-6 long minutes.
It was so dramatic, the managers were there, union workers were there, supervisors were all there to calm me down.
Unfortunately, the door couldn't be opened to let my thumb out as it would press my thumb further into the latch, neither could they push it open from inside because the door between the cooler and the dining area is sound proof so they wouldn't know if I was hurting or not.
At first I wasn't crying of anything because I couldn't feel the pain as it numbed the hell out of my entire hand. After awhile I started to panic because my stupid brains were playing tricks on me saying that my thumb is broken because I can't feel it, or I might just lose it.

I was practically laughing at my own stupidity and crying with pain at the same time.

One of the union workers was supporting my weight (just in case I fainted) and one took olive oil and started pouring it on my thumb hoping the I could squeeze it out from the latch.
One of the managers almost called 911, while the other called the maintenance guys to come over the cafeteria and unscrew the door.

Yes, I said unscrew the entire door.

So that was how I got out.

They wrapped my hand in 2 cloths filled with ice and the brought me over to the health center for and x-ray check. By the time I got to the health center, my tissue and the cloths I had in my hands were all bloody that I wanted to keep it for souvenir purposes.

I tell you la, I was such a wreck. I couldn't even speak to my friend on the phone to ask her to let my professor know that I won't be coming to class. In the end, Lynn had to talk to Alicia for me.
Gosh, it was like the worst few days of my life.

On the happier note,
I found my purse in the library and miraculously, no one took it.
It was freaking left there, untouched.
AND, my thumb is still alive and its just a fracture :)
God is good.

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