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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Brave lil Thumb

Lynn took this picture while we were waiting for the x-ray at the laboratory.

Haha.. not only my thumb was swollen, my face was too from crying and laughing at the same time.

The comparison of both thumbs.

Doesn't look that bad actually. More like internal bleeding.
We should have taken pictures of the bloody towels. LoL
I'll take a picture of the stupid refrigerator door the next time the you'll see how big it was.

I never thought that my thumb is THAT useful to me

Since I can't get it wet, I can't wash my hair because I need 2 hands.
I thought of getting a condom and sticking it unto my thumb but.... nah
Rather not wash it.

I can't put on my bra, because obviously I need my thumb for that.
Well, there is always sports bra until my thumb is usable.
And who cares of my boobs looks squashed.

Can't work now since all my posts requires my hands to get wet.
I think I'd have to stick to the checker stand instead where all I do is swipe student's cards for 3 hours.

Tried practicing my songs today and usually I would accompany myself on the piano.
Had to play without my thumb which is darn ridiculous.
Thank goodness I am not a piano, or a violin, or any sort if instrument major.

Brushing my teeth with my left hand leaves an unclean feeling on my teeth.
But who cares. That's why I have Listerine.

One of our projects in out stage craft class is to make a tote bag.
Tried sewing on the slip stitch and a button for the key holder on my bag, but I can't
At least the other parts of the bags are machine sewn.

I still have my Brave lil Thumb! :)
A teeny fracture and a bruise ain't gonna kill me.
AND, my left hand feels more useful now.

Have a great one.

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