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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Party yes, party no?

Okay I have tried.
A lot of people whom I know always have this stereotype against me saying that I am a party animal and I club a lot and shyte. I never understood why people say that. I remembered my first time at a club at Maisons back home, people would come up to me saying that I'm a clubber this and that, and I'll be like.....

*No? This is my first time*

And people would be like.... *No Way*

Lynn always says that I am a party queen and if it wasn't because of my strict parents with Cinderella curfew I would have been a party animal dancing and drinking the night away at clubs or house parties.

I just came back from a house party yesterday from Jeph's and I even dragged along the entire new Malaysian Gang with me. I kinda felt bad as I didn't know that it was going to a be late party because everyone else who are above 21 are partying at the nearest club.
Hah. Sucks to be below 21.

*I do agree that when I am comfortable around my friends, I do dance.

Like seriously, we stoned the entire night. Drank some Jungle Juice (which is their homemade cocktail-ish drink), chat a lil, and tapped our feet to the Rnb Music. That was all we did.
Pathetic right?
Although the party picked itself up when all everyone came for the after party and the Malaysian Gang went home, all I did was I stood there at the corner and looked pretty.
*or at least I tried to.*

Conclusion: Sue-Yenn is not a party person.

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