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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Sunny Saturday at the Beach

I've been wanting to go to the beach way before winter ended in Kalamazoo.
I was even pretty disappointed when daddy changed our holiday plan from Bali to Macau. And finally someone decided to plan a trip down to South Haven while I was too busy to do so because of long classes and rehearsals.
Many thanks to Ngai Hou, eleven of us terribly bored people manage to squeeze ourselves into 2 vehicles and made our way to the relaxing fresh water beach located only 45 minutes away from Borin' ol' Kalamazoo.

Some of us after dinner

The view was awesome but not as nice as a year ago.
Some how the color of the sky and water appeared to be more gray.

I wish to have a Summer house right next to the beach... if I can ever afford.

Took a whole lot of camwhore pictures. It was awesome and I needed it although it was only the thrid week of school.

Our trademark jump.
Simple Cheryl and I

Camwhored with Shadows because Mike was getting bored of us lazing around doing nothign but sun bathing.
"Let's do something more productive!!"

Mikey Zai and I

Jeph and I

Some of us waiting to get the fire started.
From left: Ngai Hou, Jeph, Mikey, Lingkit, Amin, Cheryl (at the bottom) and Mark

Lovin' the sunny afternoon.
Gosh, it is officially the second day of Autumn. It'll be turning cold soon :(

The pretty night lights across the beach.
Lucky rich people with houses by the beach.
I wanna be rich too!!

This semester is so darn packed with so many things. And most of the time I am praying for weekends to come by fast because I getting so tired by Monday night.
Gosh.... When is the next holiday?

Can't wait for Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas... I love holidays.

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