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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tired. So darn Tired.
One more week of performance then I am done.

It's not that I am not enjoying what I do, just that balancing everything I have and doing the thing that I love just drains me.
Halloween is this friday and the Dance party is Saturday.
Too bad I can't celebrate it because those are my performance nights.
Dang it*

Cast List for next semester's shows are going to be posted real soon.
I am so nervous and I am dying to play that part in the musical.
*cross fingers*
I need, I want, I am desperate for that part.

Will update soon

Sunday, October 26, 2008


As the saying goes, we will never stop learning no matter how old we get. The point where we stop learning would only be the time we leave the earth and who knows?
We might be still learning some stuff we did not get the chance to learn on earth in heaven or if we're unlucky... hell.

Things that I have learned throughout the entire week

Friends are family when family aren't physically around.
You all really made my week for coming, especially when I was feeling all emotional because my parents weren't there to watch the show physically.
Thank you all so much for the support.

I can do things as long as I put my heart and soul into it.

I am good- although I do know that I look fat in that picture :)
I have always suffered the lack of self confidence.
Whatever I do will never be good enough for myself although people may tell me that I am doing well. I guess I have gotten over the fact that although I am not as good as many of my seniors or even some my juniors, I am unique and some people do not have what I have.
*Positive thinking is the only key to a healthy mind and soul*

On the other hand,

I had an awesome first three days of performances and I learned so darn much besides the usual that I learn from rehearsals. I have grown so much as an actress considering that I am not taking any acting classes this semester at all. Watching my co-actors do their character work was suck a privilege as they showed me how they make the character their own.
I thought I did rather well considering that I had suck a small part in the play but I still manage to keep my presence. I am so glad.

(Frank, Crystal and I)

The thing about acting in a live theatre is that unlike movies, every performance is different depending on the mood of the actors, the stage, and most importantly, the audience.
I thought that the best act we did so far was the first day because all of us were so excited and the audience were mostly young college students and at least of them were theatre majors.
Thus, they responded to most of our sarcasm and details of what we did and that was the best feeling on earth.

I feel so fortunate to be in this amazing production with the best director, the best cast and the most amazing script I have ever read. This is definitely one of the best things I have done throughout my entire life and I am grateful.

So glad that I get Monday and Tuesday off though :P

PS. I was on Kalamazoo Gazette (local paper)!!!
Check out Lynn's blog for my fat face ;)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I miss home so much, hearing this song made me cry more.

There’s a place called home
I can almost see, with a red front door, and
A roaring fire, and a Christmas tree.
Yes, a place called home
Full of love and family,
And I’m there at the door
Watching you come home to me.

Through the years
I’ll recall this day
In your arms
Where I finally found my way

To a place called home
And a life for two
All I want is you
And a place called home
You and I will always be

In the dark of the night
Let your heart come home
To me

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The reason why I have been so darn busy the past weeks since school started was because I had rehearsals almost every night and finally...
The contemporary Dark Comedy of Our Lady of 121st Street
is finally opening on Thursday and we're going to be having 7 shows from the 23rd October till the 2nd of November.
This is my debut in the United States and I am freaking excited!!!!!!!!!!

Have not been feeling well the past few days and my Stupid Infected eye has been bothering me like nobody's business. Not to mention, I thank God for a smooth cast photo shoot for my show despite the fact that my eye was as big as a balloon the night before.
Thanks to my dear sister who made Barley and Porridge for me and Mom who has been praying for my well being back home. *hugs*

Mom, Dad, I miss you so much.
Although I have not spoken to you guys at all for the past few weeks because I am so busy, I thank you for talking to Lynn and making sure that I was okay.
I really hoped that you would be here watching my debut but I know that it is impossible.
I hope that I make you proud.
Love, Yenn

I feel so emotional right now.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I wish for 48 hours in a day.
That way I can sleep for 12 hours and spend the other 36 hours not feeling tired for super hectic rehearsals, work, studying for my test and quizzes, do my research thesis paper and have a life.
I wonder how my other American theater friends balance work, studies and late night rehearsal schedules.
If I am three quarters of them being able to handle those, I would be happy.

Have a good day.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rock Star Day
My Musical Theatre Dance 495 class is by far the craziest class I have this semester.
So far we have complete two class scenes and just on Friday, we had our Opposite Exercise/Rock Star Day.

The catch is to be a famous star who is totally opposite from you and since Halloween is just around the corner, we've gotta go all out in dressing up.

Wanna guess who I was?

My Awesome Adventurous Classmates.

Me, the rock star- The Making.
*super hiao!

Clearer idea of who I was?

Who you think I was? :)

Emily, Billy and Kayla all in character

Billy and I

Kayla was all sexed up wearing super short shorts exposing her tight butt cheeks.
Gosh, I forgot who she was.... dang it.

Ashley as a hippy and she looked darn cute wearing Zach's clothing from neck to toe.

Emily as Jessica Simpson

Zach as creepy Alanis Morissette

Alicia as one of the rappers from M.I.A

Ahren as another Rocker. And thanks to myself for being so smart, I forgot his name.

Tiffany as Super Rock Star Jim Morrison

Billy dressed up as a girl

Cait was Amy Winehouse and I loved her wig.

All of us freaks after class.

Decided who I was?

*Click on the video to find out

Can't here me at all from the video because the background music was too loud.
I decided that I my wig was too blonde and that was why I left my real hair out to create a dark high light effect.

Yup, that's me for my Rock Star Day.

I have officially GAINED WEIGHT!

Do you see that I have a rounder face?
okay, not very much in this picture but I do have a rounder face now!!!

I need to go on diet, I need to work out more.
Dang, the American food and the Cold Climate Food Cravings

Anyway, I made myself a pair of Pajama Pants and a Shoulder Bag from Stage Craft class

The front

The back

And yes, I know the material is ugly with all the funky 'Jeng' colors but heck, what do you expect from scrap pieces of cloth? :)
I'm going to get my Pajama Pants after my instructor grades it tomorrow.
Can't wait to wear it!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just came back from apple picking with the International Program Council.

Had a superb dessert lunch, picked fresh cheap and sweet apples, and met a whole lot of awesome new American friends.

Time flew by so quickly this semester that it is not even funny.

Mid Terms are next week.

My play is opens the Thursday after next.

And I am so darn excited. J


Anyway, here is a class scene by Zach and I.

It’s kinda like a ‘Romeo and Juliet’ puppy lovey dovey scene. So don’t blame me if you get goose bumps.


The Fantasticks- Metaphor

A comedic scene from my classmates Kayla, Emily and Sam

How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying- Been a Long Day

Leave a comment!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Random Note

Well, there is nothing to update.
I have been living my routine lifestyle and I can't wait to get out of it.

Random note 1:
Hey Cousin Jo, we have the same pair of red wedges! Just wish I was home so we would wear it out together.

I miss family reunions.

Random note 2:
I had 4 bowls of French Onion soup at the cafeteria a couple of days ago because it reminded me so much about having lunch with Mummy dearest before I left for the States.

I am missing home, family and friends right now.

Random note 3:
Miss Saigon Auditions coming up for MUSIC THEATRE of WICHITA this coming summer
I am so darn excited and I can't wait to audition for it.
I want it, and I need it.

The fact that you celebrating your birthday without me again makes me miss you even more.
I am sorry that I can't fly over and kiss you on the cheek.
I love you.
Happy belated 20th Birthday girl.

PS. I miss the makan times, shopping times, silly photo shoot times...
I just miss you.

Random note:
I peed 5 times in a hour. And I still wanna pee again.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Fall has officially started.
The weather changed dramatically and it is now extremely cold.
My nose is so stuffed up now, I have a freaking stye in my left eye, and my throat itches like crazy.
A five page musical critique, a twelve page thesis research, a seven page musical scene analysis due and two class performances coming up just next week...

GAH! Yes I am ranting!
I wanna get well NOW!