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Sunday, October 26, 2008


As the saying goes, we will never stop learning no matter how old we get. The point where we stop learning would only be the time we leave the earth and who knows?
We might be still learning some stuff we did not get the chance to learn on earth in heaven or if we're unlucky... hell.

Things that I have learned throughout the entire week

Friends are family when family aren't physically around.
You all really made my week for coming, especially when I was feeling all emotional because my parents weren't there to watch the show physically.
Thank you all so much for the support.

I can do things as long as I put my heart and soul into it.

I am good- although I do know that I look fat in that picture :)
I have always suffered the lack of self confidence.
Whatever I do will never be good enough for myself although people may tell me that I am doing well. I guess I have gotten over the fact that although I am not as good as many of my seniors or even some my juniors, I am unique and some people do not have what I have.
*Positive thinking is the only key to a healthy mind and soul*

On the other hand,

I had an awesome first three days of performances and I learned so darn much besides the usual that I learn from rehearsals. I have grown so much as an actress considering that I am not taking any acting classes this semester at all. Watching my co-actors do their character work was suck a privilege as they showed me how they make the character their own.
I thought I did rather well considering that I had suck a small part in the play but I still manage to keep my presence. I am so glad.

(Frank, Crystal and I)

The thing about acting in a live theatre is that unlike movies, every performance is different depending on the mood of the actors, the stage, and most importantly, the audience.
I thought that the best act we did so far was the first day because all of us were so excited and the audience were mostly young college students and at least of them were theatre majors.
Thus, they responded to most of our sarcasm and details of what we did and that was the best feeling on earth.

I feel so fortunate to be in this amazing production with the best director, the best cast and the most amazing script I have ever read. This is definitely one of the best things I have done throughout my entire life and I am grateful.

So glad that I get Monday and Tuesday off though :P

PS. I was on Kalamazoo Gazette (local paper)!!!
Check out Lynn's blog for my fat face ;)

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