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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Random Note

Well, there is nothing to update.
I have been living my routine lifestyle and I can't wait to get out of it.

Random note 1:
Hey Cousin Jo, we have the same pair of red wedges! Just wish I was home so we would wear it out together.

I miss family reunions.

Random note 2:
I had 4 bowls of French Onion soup at the cafeteria a couple of days ago because it reminded me so much about having lunch with Mummy dearest before I left for the States.

I am missing home, family and friends right now.

Random note 3:
Miss Saigon Auditions coming up for MUSIC THEATRE of WICHITA this coming summer
I am so darn excited and I can't wait to audition for it.
I want it, and I need it.

The fact that you celebrating your birthday without me again makes me miss you even more.
I am sorry that I can't fly over and kiss you on the cheek.
I love you.
Happy belated 20th Birthday girl.

PS. I miss the makan times, shopping times, silly photo shoot times...
I just miss you.

Random note:
I peed 5 times in a hour. And I still wanna pee again.

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