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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The reason why I have been so darn busy the past weeks since school started was because I had rehearsals almost every night and finally...
The contemporary Dark Comedy of Our Lady of 121st Street
is finally opening on Thursday and we're going to be having 7 shows from the 23rd October till the 2nd of November.
This is my debut in the United States and I am freaking excited!!!!!!!!!!

Have not been feeling well the past few days and my Stupid Infected eye has been bothering me like nobody's business. Not to mention, I thank God for a smooth cast photo shoot for my show despite the fact that my eye was as big as a balloon the night before.
Thanks to my dear sister who made Barley and Porridge for me and Mom who has been praying for my well being back home. *hugs*

Mom, Dad, I miss you so much.
Although I have not spoken to you guys at all for the past few weeks because I am so busy, I thank you for talking to Lynn and making sure that I was okay.
I really hoped that you would be here watching my debut but I know that it is impossible.
I hope that I make you proud.
Love, Yenn

I feel so emotional right now.

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