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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rock Star Day
My Musical Theatre Dance 495 class is by far the craziest class I have this semester.
So far we have complete two class scenes and just on Friday, we had our Opposite Exercise/Rock Star Day.

The catch is to be a famous star who is totally opposite from you and since Halloween is just around the corner, we've gotta go all out in dressing up.

Wanna guess who I was?

My Awesome Adventurous Classmates.

Me, the rock star- The Making.
*super hiao!

Clearer idea of who I was?

Who you think I was? :)

Emily, Billy and Kayla all in character

Billy and I

Kayla was all sexed up wearing super short shorts exposing her tight butt cheeks.
Gosh, I forgot who she was.... dang it.

Ashley as a hippy and she looked darn cute wearing Zach's clothing from neck to toe.

Emily as Jessica Simpson

Zach as creepy Alanis Morissette

Alicia as one of the rappers from M.I.A

Ahren as another Rocker. And thanks to myself for being so smart, I forgot his name.

Tiffany as Super Rock Star Jim Morrison

Billy dressed up as a girl

Cait was Amy Winehouse and I loved her wig.

All of us freaks after class.

Decided who I was?

*Click on the video to find out

Can't here me at all from the video because the background music was too loud.
I decided that I my wig was too blonde and that was why I left my real hair out to create a dark high light effect.

Yup, that's me for my Rock Star Day.

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