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Sunday, November 30, 2008

United Colors of Malaysia

This post have been long delayed and I apologize for that.
Finally came home from Detroit and met the snow storm on the way back and only 20% visibility on the road.
Thank goodness for the safe journey.

Anyways, here are the pictures from the United Colors of Malaysia organized by the Malaysian Student Association on the 21st of November.

Us multi-ethnic ushers at the door although I was only there for 2 seconds

Mikey and I

Simple Cheryl who was one of the amazing emcees of the night

Bobo Stephanie :)

Bobo. Lynn and I in our 2minutes of fame in the fashion show.

My Performance of the National Anthem of United States- Star Spangled Banner

Mr. President Daing and I in a little tune called 'Dua Hati Menjadi Satu"

Everyone who was involved. Aweseom job guys!

Simply Cheryl, Bobo, Jeong and I after the event.

The even received an awesome response considering the fact that we had very little publicity. The entire space was filled up, and we had an amazing audience who of course enjoyed our super yummilicious food.
One American guy from Hawaii even asked why didn't we serve Durian!
I was pretty shocked that he knew about the existence of the stinky *or in my opinion, super fragrant* fruit. Then again, he is from Hawaii and they too are a tropical state.

A big thank you to everyone who lended a hand in putting up the event and of course to my personal video recorder. Mahal kita!

Thank you Mikey, Bobo and Chyn Wey for the pictures

Blog Skin Dilemma

I have been wanting to change my blog skin since forever and yup, I've finally made a change.
This will be my temporary blog skin until I find one that I actually like.

Anyone wants to help me????

Till then, bear with it :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

A Night out in Detroit
Ooo... after being all goodie-two-shoes in the States not partying or drinking at all because of early morning classes and work shifts, AND not to forget the ridiculous 'No Drinking Below 21' rule, I finally had a night out.

Thank God for connections and networking, Jeph's second brother managed to get us in to a above 21 club and that was when the party started. My first cocktail, my first shot... my first everything since I came back here.
Ahhh.... yummilicious*

Sound like an alcoholic?
Shut up, cuz I'm still keeping the record of never being drunk before.

Jeph finally bought me a drink since he didn't have the opportunity to do so since I am underaged.

Amin and Cheryl who surprisingly drank only two droplets of alcohol throughout the entire night.
Gosh guys... you dissapointed me la.... :)

I think we camwhored more than anything else and there are just too many pictures to post up.

The Kalamazoo-ers.

By the way,
I love Black Friday Shopping!!!!!!!! woot*

Thursday, November 27, 2008

All the way from Detroit, Happy Thanksgiving World!

On the other hand,

I need to work more on voice control. Lolx.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I failed my Michigan Driving Test!!


After driving around for so long to find out that I fail, I feel so damn stupid.

I hate American Traffic Lights.
Or maybe, I am just plain stupid.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

United Colors of Malaysia

The event took place on Friday at one of the mini church buildings on campus. As usual, everything was last minute.

"Malaysians work better under pressure." - quoted by President Daing himself

Basically the event was held in conjuction of the International Education Week to educate Americans and other International students who are on campus about countries all over the world. I attended two events out of five.
The Japan Festival had great food and an awesome crowd and China Games were fun and really entertaining although there was only less than 10 people around when I was there.
And finally, it was our turn on Friday.

Truthfully, I can never work last minute. either I would suffer from a heart attack or I'll bug everyone who is involved in it till they wanna tape my mouth or probably staple my lips together. Despite all the last minute plannings, even more last minute performance practices and lack of publicity, surprisingly UNITED COLORS OF MALAYSIA turned out to be a very successful event.

Not only the crowd turn out was awesome, everything went really well and we even got compliments from most of the people who were there :)

Lets let the videos do the talking shall we?

Our Contemporary Chinese Dance which was choreographed in less than two weeks before the event. Considering that we had less than eight practices, kudos to everyone.

Bobo, Simple Cheryl, Darlynn, Bel Qaizi and Me

President Daing and My performance of Dua Hati Menjadi Satu
Wanna guess how long we took to memorize the song?

Truthfully, I only got the lyrics down in my head 5 minutes before the performance.
Not bad kan.... hehehe
If you listen properly and if you know the song, you'll notice that I made up some of my lyrics.
*evil laughter*
Daing kickass!!! *woot*

Yup. There you go, two performances out of the five videos that I have.
Stay tuned ok.

PS. Check out Bobo's Blog for the pictures of the event.
I'll update soon....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh My Greatness....

I want Nike Heritage Print!!!!

On the other hand,
Will update soon! :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Water Cut Down in Kalamazoo

One of the main water pipes broke yesterday morning thus causing foreign contents to enter water pipes and because of that the city of Kalamazoo stopped all drinking water supply.
Craziness, unless you're drinking from a mineral water bottle, you can't drink at all.
Water is needed for juices, coffee, soft drinks, and probably every single darn thing you can think of.
All Carbonated machines, water fountains, and juice machines in the cafeteria have been put on hold and the only thing available for drinking would be milk.


The cows better not die of Mad Cow Disease or else we would have to drink melted snow.

Die la... How to live without water?
Now they are even saying that we might not be able to brush our teeth with the normal tap water because of unidentified contents that might have went into the filter system.

Laugh My Ass Out. The world is coming to an end *sarcastically

I know what is good, lets all indulge in alcohol tonight since we can't get hold of drinking water easily.

What say you? :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

An Autumn Saturday at the Wind City, Chicago

The Malaysian Gang plus my dear big sis Lynn who is the photographer for this particular picture.

The trip was organized by the International Programs Council for students.
All we had to do was to pay a total of 20bucks for a bus ride to and fro, which was really reasonable. :)

Chicago, the Third largest city in the United States.
Many a times we take advantage of it as it was only 2 and a half hours away from Kalamazoo. This is my second year here and I am yet to really explore the city.
Can't wait till I'm 21, I'll be going bar hopping then.

The wind was extremely strong that if I were small and thin enough, it might just blow me away.

Our first stop was Chinatown.

Lynn always wanted to explore China Town, guess she was the happiest person in the entire trip to get her wish fulfilled.

SimpleCheryl who was obsessed with bubble tea but didn't get to drink it because we were too full from lunch.

Matt (Ke Cheng), Jo (Da Cheng), Lynn and I.
The brothers and sisters of the trip.
Matt is the first American boy who knows how to speak Mandarin, he spent an academic year in Bei Jing studying its culture and language.
Yup just as you guessed, Ke Cheng and Da Cheng are their Chinese names.
*And by the way, the reason why I look so retarded was because instead of saying 'cheese' for the picture, Cheryl made us say 'whore'. And I guess I was the only who said it.

Leng Chai Ke Cheng and Big Sis Lynn

One thing that I missed about Malaysia was the bakery that we had.
Be it Berry's, King's, Bee's... I miss walking into a store and getting pastry, garlic buns, cinnamon rolls and all sorts of yummlicious baked goods.
And we were definitely happy to find the best Egg Tart store.

They even had You Char Kuai!!
Stupid us for not tarpau-ing some home.

Lynn and I only bought an egg tart each because we were afraid that it would be a hassle carrying it around Chicago.
I guess, we were sillies for not buying more, and now we both regret.

Ling Kit the poser.
Too bad the sign was too expensive for him to buy home since he is the official chef of his house.

Pisha and I in front of the China Town Border.

This was where we had Dim Sum!!!!
Although it was 16bucks per person, it was super duper worth it!!!
I'm definitely going back!!! Woot*

We had to take the train back to Chicago Downtown and all of us were super 'jakun' and excited because we didn't know what to do or which part of Downtown to go.

While waiting for the train...

The 'almost like LRT' back home, only much much faster.

Lynn and I with China Town behind us

Small Boy Kit and I


Down Town Chicago behind us.

Outside the subway

Cheryl's GOSSIP GIRL poster

Look what we found in the train!
One thing about the Americans are that they don't care about what people think and they don't judge people. The funny thing is that you get see macho African American boys all ghetto and hip but carrying a Sponge Bob Square Pants back pack.

Yes, to Chicago

Looks like the tunnel of death.

Yeah.... got to Downtown Chicago safely! *winks*

One of the first few things we saw was the Gay Parade.
Due to the election, gay rights have been taken away and thus led to protesting.
Look at the amount of supporters they have!

'We are not enemies but friends'
Which is true.
Off with all sorts of sexist and racial discrimination!

We had an adventure of trying to find our way to the Navy Pier- the place where we get picked up to get back home.
Trust me, people would think that we were crazy runny after a bus, knocking on it's door while it was waiting for the traffic light to turn green.
Despite all the drama, we finally got to the right bus stop and hopped unto the right bus number 66 to get to Navy Pier.

Em tired Souls

After a couple of tiring hours of shopping at H&M, Forever XXI, Express and exploring Michigan Avenue (the shopping district), we got to the Navy Pier for dinner.
Our Server of the night who is a funny character. :)

Everyone enjoyed the live jazz band and awesome graffiti walls of Joe's Bee Bop Cafe

Ready for dinner!

SimpleCheryl and I

At the end of the day, I HEART CHICAGO!!!!!
And I am broke :(