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Friday, November 28, 2008

A Night out in Detroit
Ooo... after being all goodie-two-shoes in the States not partying or drinking at all because of early morning classes and work shifts, AND not to forget the ridiculous 'No Drinking Below 21' rule, I finally had a night out.

Thank God for connections and networking, Jeph's second brother managed to get us in to a above 21 club and that was when the party started. My first cocktail, my first shot... my first everything since I came back here.
Ahhh.... yummilicious*

Sound like an alcoholic?
Shut up, cuz I'm still keeping the record of never being drunk before.

Jeph finally bought me a drink since he didn't have the opportunity to do so since I am underaged.

Amin and Cheryl who surprisingly drank only two droplets of alcohol throughout the entire night.
Gosh guys... you dissapointed me la.... :)

I think we camwhored more than anything else and there are just too many pictures to post up.

The Kalamazoo-ers.

By the way,
I love Black Friday Shopping!!!!!!!! woot*

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