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Sunday, November 23, 2008

United Colors of Malaysia

The event took place on Friday at one of the mini church buildings on campus. As usual, everything was last minute.

"Malaysians work better under pressure." - quoted by President Daing himself

Basically the event was held in conjuction of the International Education Week to educate Americans and other International students who are on campus about countries all over the world. I attended two events out of five.
The Japan Festival had great food and an awesome crowd and China Games were fun and really entertaining although there was only less than 10 people around when I was there.
And finally, it was our turn on Friday.

Truthfully, I can never work last minute. either I would suffer from a heart attack or I'll bug everyone who is involved in it till they wanna tape my mouth or probably staple my lips together. Despite all the last minute plannings, even more last minute performance practices and lack of publicity, surprisingly UNITED COLORS OF MALAYSIA turned out to be a very successful event.

Not only the crowd turn out was awesome, everything went really well and we even got compliments from most of the people who were there :)

Lets let the videos do the talking shall we?

Our Contemporary Chinese Dance which was choreographed in less than two weeks before the event. Considering that we had less than eight practices, kudos to everyone.

Bobo, Simple Cheryl, Darlynn, Bel Qaizi and Me

President Daing and My performance of Dua Hati Menjadi Satu
Wanna guess how long we took to memorize the song?

Truthfully, I only got the lyrics down in my head 5 minutes before the performance.
Not bad kan.... hehehe
If you listen properly and if you know the song, you'll notice that I made up some of my lyrics.
*evil laughter*
Daing kickass!!! *woot*

Yup. There you go, two performances out of the five videos that I have.
Stay tuned ok.

PS. Check out Bobo's Blog for the pictures of the event.
I'll update soon....

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