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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sad to say that I missed Halloween this year

I even had a costume ready for the party that I ended up not going because of commitments.

While everyone was out partying in funky ans sexy costumes, I was stuck in my performance of OUR LADY OF 121ST STREET and had my Ajudification by a educational theatre professional till 11nish that night. By that time, the Annual Halloween Dance organized by the International Program Council was over.
Guess what I did for Halloween then?
I had a smoothie and went grocery shopping at Walmart for the first time since I came back to US.
How exciting.

Guess I'll wait till next year then.

Here are some low quality pictures taken from my *konon-nya 2megapixel handphone camera*

Chaz and I, the only Musical Theatre Performance Majors in the play

Janai, an extremely talented actress who was our understudy for the show

Crystal, the scariest person alive on stage. Also the same person who slaps me every night. Funny thing that she is the sweetest and the friendliest in real life.

Kendra, a senior who is graduating and is the funniest person in the entire earth.
Love her to bits

My nerdy look for the past two weeks.

Kendra and I in the dressing room and the only two in the entire cast who has grey Auntie High Waist pants on.

The Awesomeness.

Let me list you the things that we would do before the show.
Camwhore, Youtube Karaoke Sessions, Camwhore, Youtube Karaoke Sessions, Camwhore, Youtube Karaoke Sessions and the cycle repeats itself...

The fact that we spent every single day together for the past month makes me feel so awkward not seeing you girls now.

On the other hand, I am so ready for the semester to be over.
Even though I have my nights off now, it seems that I still have tonnes to do and the reason why is because I have too busy the last couple of weeks and now, I am procrastinating.
I hate writing Research Thesis Papers.

And blogging ain't helping me go no where... Dang it*

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