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Sunday, November 30, 2008

United Colors of Malaysia

This post have been long delayed and I apologize for that.
Finally came home from Detroit and met the snow storm on the way back and only 20% visibility on the road.
Thank goodness for the safe journey.

Anyways, here are the pictures from the United Colors of Malaysia organized by the Malaysian Student Association on the 21st of November.

Us multi-ethnic ushers at the door although I was only there for 2 seconds

Mikey and I

Simple Cheryl who was one of the amazing emcees of the night

Bobo Stephanie :)

Bobo. Lynn and I in our 2minutes of fame in the fashion show.

My Performance of the National Anthem of United States- Star Spangled Banner

Mr. President Daing and I in a little tune called 'Dua Hati Menjadi Satu"

Everyone who was involved. Aweseom job guys!

Simply Cheryl, Bobo, Jeong and I after the event.

The even received an awesome response considering the fact that we had very little publicity. The entire space was filled up, and we had an amazing audience who of course enjoyed our super yummilicious food.
One American guy from Hawaii even asked why didn't we serve Durian!
I was pretty shocked that he knew about the existence of the stinky *or in my opinion, super fragrant* fruit. Then again, he is from Hawaii and they too are a tropical state.

A big thank you to everyone who lended a hand in putting up the event and of course to my personal video recorder. Mahal kita!

Thank you Mikey, Bobo and Chyn Wey for the pictures

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