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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Water Cut Down in Kalamazoo

One of the main water pipes broke yesterday morning thus causing foreign contents to enter water pipes and because of that the city of Kalamazoo stopped all drinking water supply.
Craziness, unless you're drinking from a mineral water bottle, you can't drink at all.
Water is needed for juices, coffee, soft drinks, and probably every single darn thing you can think of.
All Carbonated machines, water fountains, and juice machines in the cafeteria have been put on hold and the only thing available for drinking would be milk.


The cows better not die of Mad Cow Disease or else we would have to drink melted snow.

Die la... How to live without water?
Now they are even saying that we might not be able to brush our teeth with the normal tap water because of unidentified contents that might have went into the filter system.

Laugh My Ass Out. The world is coming to an end *sarcastically

I know what is good, lets all indulge in alcohol tonight since we can't get hold of drinking water easily.

What say you? :)

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