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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tale of a Snow Man
Or in this case, a Snow Woman

Before I begin, bet you have been wondering where and what on earth have I been doing since my wonderful trip in Orlando. Well of course, I have been hibernating, stuffing my face, and pigging out like nobodies business. That's what.
Now I am getting worried if I could tune back to the hectic lifestyle back in Kalamazoo where I have to wake up at 7am every single morning.

Sleeping 12 hours a day really ain't doing me any good either since I get even more tired compared to sleeping only 8 hours.

Anyway, I am in Detroit right now enjoying as much Asian food and TV as I can before returning.

Look at the stormy sky.
The ride back from Detroit's Airport was slow and slippery.
There were accidents everywhere from snow storm.

Check out the thickness of the snow and that was only accumulated within just a few hours.

Jeph as usual loved clowning around. Stuffed his face in the snow, creating a mold of his face.
Cool eh?

The snow was so thick that I had to walk to make a pathway and whoever behind me can just step into my footprints so that they won't dirty their shoes and pants.

We went sleighing which was a heap of fun but none of us brought a camera since we knew that we would be bumping and crashing into random people and objects.
Don't want a crushed camera at the end of the fun huh. :)

All of us had our own snow angels.

And we waited for weather to get warmer for packing (sticky) snow for our mission to make our first snow man.

Jeph taught Lynn and I how to roll huge ass snow balls.
See, normal fresh snow would not be sticky enough to stick when you try rolling it into a ball. Like sand, if there is a little moist, it would form whatever you want it to be.

It was funny to see the green grass underneath the thick white pile of snow.

It was as if the snow was a carpet and we were merely just rolling the carpet up.

Lynn as usual getting all excited.

Okay, maybe not just her.
After forming three different sizes of snowballs and piling them on top of eat other, we went down to the basement to search for items that we don't want for Mr. Snowman.
It wouldn't be nice to use a nice hat or scarf because anyone would easily take it during the night and you'll have a naked snowman.


Mrs. Naked Snow Woman!

We decided that it was silly for our snow woman to be naked since we were living in a family neighborhood.
So we decided to dress her up.

Final Product of our Asian Snow Woman

Lets see, we used unwanted toys, an Asian styled hat, a toy snake for the collar, an old ribbon, black garbage bag strips for the hair, cup cake molds, and group effort.

After a night of strong howling wind, Mrs. Snowman lost her belt buttons, and her smile

And this was what happened to her after a day of heat wave.

Michigan really is a unpredictable when it comes to the weather.
One day it'll be cold and the other it'll be warm.
Seriously, I can never get use to the weather.

Till then, Have a Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An Eventful Trip down South

So I've decided that I would not be patient enough to blog everything according to days because I am lazy and I have been sleeping till 12pm almost every day since I came back from Sunny Warm Beautiful Weather Orlando Florida.
I figured that after sleeping in the early wee mornings and waking up before the sun rises for four days in a row just kinda drained me out.
The best thing to do is to just hibernate and sleep all I can till the busy semester starts :)

Besides worrying about the darn super high currency exchange rate, I just hated the fact that my parents had to send my tuition fees just when the exchange rate is being such a pain in the butt. It was only freaking 3.2 early last semester and now its like what, 3.6?

Good news is that I've gained another 4.0gpa this semester and I would like to thank mom and dad for my Disney World ticket that they sponsored on the condition of getting good results cum Christmas Present.

Okay, enough of the ranting.

Behold the one hundred thousand pictures taken from the entire trip, and this is only like 10% from all the one million pictures we had :)

Eight of us (plus Jeph who offered to drive us down to Detroit International Airport) got into two cars and left Lil Ol' Kalamazoo at 12pm.
I, of course had to test the camera to make sure that it was working by cam-whoring while waiting for everyone to get their luggage in the trunk of the car before taking off.

We were welcomed by Florida's gorgeous sunset before seeing the bright city night lights.
After checking in the cozy and warm hotel and changing into more comfortable clothing (like flip flops and shorts!), we headed out to explore the area around our hotel.
Little did we know that our hotel was in the perfect location with all sorts of food and even a carnival next to it.
Syok la*

Knowing that we would never have the perfect 'almost Malaysian weather- but not as hot', we treasured every single second of our mamak style Western dinner under the stars and coconut trees. Yes, I said coconut trees. Who wouldn't like that?!
We spend most of our time playing fun fair games, camwhoring and window shopping.

Didn't I tell ya?

Day One in Disney World

Woke up at 6.50-ish in the morning after snoozing my alarm clock twice.
I mean, who would wake up so early?
It's a freaking holiday!!!
But it was all worth it.
Seven of us Malaysians hopped unto Disney's shuttle bus and waited excitedly to get to the ever so famous Disney World.

Guess what?

While chit-chatting among ourselves on the way, Lynn and I heard this Asian couple sitting in front of us speaking a mix of Mandarin and English.

Lynn:"It's either they are Malaysians or Singaporeans! Confirm!"

I know la its wrong to eavesdrop, but the minute we heard them jumble the Cantonese, Mandarin,, and English language... AND lahs
Lynn and I were like.....


Anyways, we got our One Day Park Hopper tickets (which gave us the chance to visit all the four humongous theme parks in a day), we ran to the entrance started snapping pictures along the way.

One thing for sure, Disney World is NOT over rated.
When they say it is Magical, they don't lie.

All of us were hypnotized by the place and it somehow released us from reality and brought us back into our carefree childhood memories.
Well, it wasn't really carefree as we had to keep up with doing as much as we could in a day.
With the music in the air, the atmosphere, memories, and the best traveling buddies around, it was definitely one of the happiest days in my life.

Super Sporting Belqaizi, Gorgeous Simple Cheryl and I

Group picture of the Seven Dwarfs

One of the best show we watched was the Stand Up comedy featuring animated characters from Monster's Inc.

Cinderella's Magical Castle

They said that every year a lucky person will get chosen and they will have the privilege to stay in one of the Suites in the Castles itself.
How amazing is that?

Everything looked animated.
Sometimes I couldn't even differenciate if things like the clock and birds were real or not.

Walt Disney and his awesome creation.
It was said that Cinderella's Castle was build in such an angle that it would look fantastic no matter where the sun shines from as it faces the South.
Genius no?

It was one of those days that we wished that we had 48 hours in a day.
We had the opportunity to visit four theme parks in a day but then we decided that it is IMPOSSIBLE to finish everything.
After Magic Kingdom, we took a ferry to our last stop Hollywood Studios

We were greeted by an energetic parade of all the 'more recent' cartoon characters like Monster's Inc, Incredibles, Bugs Life, etc.

Super nice lor..

Our day ended with more rides, and an AMAZING light show called the Fantasmic.
Never in my life that I thought that I would cry to a light show, you serious meh?
Lights can make you cry?!
Well, it wasn't any light show.
It was about Mickey's dream and fantasy.
The show was done in such a way that they combined all the cartoon characters, lights, fire, water, and technology, creating another story, bringing us into another world.
It was a life time experience.

Day Two at Disney Downtown

We decided that it would be insane to go to Universal Studios and break our already-aching-legs, so we spent a relaxing day at Disney Downtown instead.

Since there were no rides or shows, window shopping and cam-whoring with Disney's Merchandise was our main priority.

Even Disney Downtown seemed magical!

Pleasure Island is where the night life is at.
I heard that it is a tourist and local hangout area at night because of its bars and clubs

Thought of buying the cap, but decided that I wouldn't wear it out of Disney.

Instead of the usual Build-a-Bear shop we see at malls around Kalamazoo, we saw a Build-a-Dinosaur shop!

Even their Machine Moving Dinos looked real!

Us three ladies

While we were resting.

Princess Hats.

Walking along the streets.....

If I were a kid, my teeth would all fall from the candy

Yummy no?

One of the hundred silly shots I had.

See, Disney merchandises doesn't have to bee all smily and goofy.
I can be a sexy Pirate too!!

My Favorite Minnie cap that I didn't purchase.

Okay, as usual we would taking a High School Musical Jump picture.
This is TAKE ONE and all of us looked as if we were pooping except for ambitious Amin who wants to Fly.

TAKE TWO, we still look like we were Pooping but Amin gave up flying and was having trouble with his Bowel movement.

TAKE THREE, almost there.

TAKE FOUR, seems like Gorgeous Cheryl only took one try to snap a High School Musical Jump picture.
However, Amin still look like he was in his own little world giving a chest bump to some invincible Disney cartoon character.

I love you guys!!! :-*

The Famous Planet Hollywood.

Our traveling Buddies Gorgeous Cheryl and Macho Man Amin

Found our favorite Disney Princesses.
Ariel for me and Belle for Lynn.

The maidens from the Magical Disney Land

Sleeping Beauty and us

And of course, Cinderella

We even checked out the Lego store and saw little people watching a movie!!

A Lego man cookie jar for your Chrismas Cookies?

Or a not so Jolly and Fat Santa Clause?

If you look closely, you'll see a plant version of Winnie the Pooh pouring out water to create a fountain.

Ah... my childhood fantasies.
I remembering having a pair of Disney Shoes with Mickey on my left and Minnie on my right.
I would seriously give anything to find those shoes and frame them up for my kids to see.

Our Disney Souvenir which is Princess Piggy Bank.

I would probably consider the Mickey and Minnie Wedding Edition Hairband for my Wedding.
Yes? No?
Okay, maybe my honeymoon.

Haha... funny picture from the weird angled mirror.
Looked like we have saggy boobs.

Mr. Potato Head.

Our first show featured Stitch escaping from the chamber.
And he burped and spat on us audience!!
His burp stank the hell outta me and food just made me feel like puking for the entire day.

This particular Stitch on the roof spits water at people like us taking pictures too!
Kids were standing all around waiting to get spat on.

It was a slow paced day compared to yesterday and we finally headed home to catching the 6pm Buffet Promotion at Boston Lobster Feast near our hotel.

All you can eat Seafood Buffet.
I was VERY reluctant to spend $40 on just dinner but after considering the fact that I will never get to eat Fresh Seafood besides pre-cooked shrimps (which are pretty expensive), I finally agreed.

I've had crab and shrimp MANY times, but it was my first time having Snow King Crab legs and Lobster.

More mussels, Oysters, clams!
Despite the crazy price, it was all worth it.
Besides, I can't think of any other time having seafood again :)

After getting back to the hotel, we exchanged our Secret Santa gifts and CAM-WHORED!

The Seven Malaysian Dwarfs
Why were we Dwarfs?
First, there were seven of us.
Second, we decided that since we were heading to Disney, we had to give ourselves a significant Princess or Disney character names. In our case, the Seven Dwarfs were the best.
Third, we Asians are short. At least shorter than Caucasians.


Day Three at Universal Studios

Another fast paced day to get as much done in the shortest time.

Although there were more scary rides and even better motion picture shows, somehow Universal studios didn't have the magical effect as Disney.
I don't know if I am biased or not, but although I was in Universal Studios, I couldn't help but wished that I was back in Disney World.


Santa Garfield and I

Snoopy the Dog

Picture of the group in Amin's eyes.

Crazy Comic land figures

Hmm... to think aloud or not to think aloud?
I like the fact that I got to be in a comic strip for once.
Just gotta look for the right thinking cloud to stand under :)

I got to snap a picture with the Famous Betty Boo

It was a pretty place and we got to visit both side of Universal Studios.
I figured that I was more of a roller coaster ride person compared to a sitting down and watch a show. I liked Islands of Adventure better compared to the Main Studios.

Big Sis Lynn, Gorgeous Cheryl and I..... again :)
Aren't you tired of seeing the same people with a different back drop over and over again?

Of course we cam-whored with more Universal Studio merchandises.

We had dinner at the famous Hard Rock Cafe in City Walk, another amazing place for night life.
Live bands were playing in almost every restaurant, bars and clubs were open to all. Too bad we were exhausted and had too wake up early the next day for the flight back to Freezing Lil Ol' Kalamazoo. Plus, we weren't dressed for any of the clubs.
Will definitely come back... if i had the money.

Hard Rock

Bands playing in the open, throwing mardi gras to attract people.

Look what we found.
The first trash on the ground after so many days of walking around Orlando.
Look carefully, its HACKS.
Let's see, the only place you can find HACKS would be Malaysia.

Like seriously, there is a reason why we are still considered people from the Third World Country.

Darn Malaysians, littering everywhere they go. Leaving other embarrassed Malaysians like me picking their trash up and throwing it away for them.

For Basketball lovers, there was even an NBA restaurant with all the NBA products.


This trip was very eventful and everything that we did was worth the time and money, although I had to get back to work my butt off for the money I spent and the next trip.
I was really sad that I had to leave the amazing warm climate to get back to the freezing unpredictable Michigan weather.

The only thing that I regretted was not bringing my shorts and bikini!

Till then, have a Blessed and Happy Christmas!!!!!!!!