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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Home Sweet House

I'm missing home.
This semester has gone by quick in a flash.
And I miss home even more than last year.

I want my parents.
I want my dog. I want Malaysian food. I want my Grandma's home-cooked meals I want cheewei, chengchoo, shiyin, wernsern, and all my friends...
I just wanna go home.

Why is the currency rate so high now?
Why does the United States have to go for war?
Why is the economy so bad?
Why am I poor?
Why? What? When? How? Who?

Good news is, I passed my driving test after failing twice because of stupid mistakes.
I guess mistakes cost a lot of money because I spent a freaking $120 just for the test.

$120 times 3.6= Rm 432

Wah, hell lotsa money for a darn license*

Looks like I'm gonna be spending more money next week for Florida.
Disney World and Universal Studios, here I come and byebye hard earn money!
I am so excited to get away from the freezing weather.
But it looks like I gotta scrub more tables and make more coffee :(

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