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Friday, December 12, 2008

Not So White Christmas and Aunt Yenn

The best part about winter would be the beautiful snow falling from the skies.
I remember my first encounter with my first snowflake just last year.
Coming from a tropical country, I've always thought that snowflakes were as big as the size of my palm. I mean, we only get to see paper-cut-outs snowflakes instead of the real thing back home. So it took me by surprise when I found out that snowflakes are the daintiest, and teeniest little thing.

Anyway, it is the time of the year.

It's cold,

It's icy,

It's white,

It's pretty,

It gives an extra 'Christmas-ie' feel...

It can be the most disgusting thing on earth.
How ironic huh?

We gotta wake up extra early every morning to warm up the car and scrape the ice of the windows of the car or else we'll be driving blindly in a car covered in snow.

Pretty snow would melt and turn into slush. All disgusting and wet, leaving muddy mark at the bottom of your pants.

It's like waling on the slushy you buy from 7 Eleven, only more grosser.
*is there such a word?*

Can't Wait to fly to somewhere warmer :)

On the other hand...

Let Aunt Yenn talk about health since I was so sick last week.

Wanna know what's the best Natural Remedy for cold, flu, fever, ulcers, strep throat, or just to boost your immune system in this crazy weather now?
*even for friends back home in Malaysia, although you are not suffering from the crazy unpredictable weather changes here in Michigan, you are human too and you DO get sick.

Drink gallons of Pure Orange Juice.
And when I say Orange Juice, don't drink fake shyte like Minute Maid juices from concentrate or any other crap with corn syrup of any sort.
It will only make you fat and put more Corn Syrup Crap in your body...

AVOID Corn Syrup!
It only stays in your body and has no outlet out.
Almost everything you eat has corn syrup, from cereal, to breakfast bars, to cookies, etc.
Imagine taking it in everyday and not letting it out...
Hmmm.. don't want that :S

Okay, back to orange juice.
You would want to get the most natural juices you can find.
Self blended juices would always be the best.

Or, you can purchase ODWALLA
One thing I must clarify, it is not cheap.
Mainly because they use the most natural fruits and veggies AND they have NO CORN SYRUP!
It's so filling and delicious.
You can even supplement it for a meal.
It's the best thing, and you can easily purchase it from Meijers, or even in our mini cafes on campus (Western Michigan University).

SUPERFOOD is my favorite and I usually buy it when I eat very little vegetables and fruit.
Helps me poop! I like :)

TRIPLE GUARD ECHINACEA is the next best thing for your health.
I hate taking drugs from the doctor and pharmacy and the fact that I am allergic to panadol, tylenol, ibuprofen, theraflu, etc, I want the most natural immune booster for my body.
Echinacea serves its purpose as nature's antibiotic and I usually take one a day or more whenever I feel like I am getting sick.
I personally take Nutrilite Pills but you can always get some other brands that you are familiar with.

And of course,
Drink more water, eat more fruits and greens.

Till then,
Stay Warm and Healthy!


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