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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Sigh... Sickly Semester

This semester ran pretty quickly and tomorrow is officially the last day of class.
I mean... Kinda.
I will be having my final scene presentation tomorrow and I am really excited about it.
I will be ripping teddy bear heads and doing some other violent moves.
The last time we rehearsed, I broke a mirror into zillions of mini pieces while tossing everything in the air.
Crazy huh.

I am having white spots all over my throat and it is so obvious that I can see it for myself by just flashing a flash light on my throat.
I went to the doctor today and they suspected that I had either Mono or a Strep Throat.
The doctor sent me to the lab to get my blood samples and my throat swapped.
Apparently, having something so near to your esophagus is just so darn annoying that you would seriously gag and puke on the doctor (like how I did when I was four) >=)
The worst thing was that the nurse couldn't even get my blood samples for some reason till they had to poke me with the needle three times!!!

I just hope that I get well by tonight.

"Oh my goodness Yenn, You're just falling apart aren't you?" said Kayla

"First, you're thumb, then your eye, then you're sick, and now your sick again?!" said Swimming Instructor

Sorry lah... you think I wanna get sick wan mer?

This is just the wrong time to get sick, especially when I have to perform tomorrow and on Monday.


Pray for me will ya?

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alisha said...

I used to go to the community swimming pool to take my swimming lessons. I must say the trainers there are very professional and friendly.