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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tale of a Snow Man
Or in this case, a Snow Woman

Before I begin, bet you have been wondering where and what on earth have I been doing since my wonderful trip in Orlando. Well of course, I have been hibernating, stuffing my face, and pigging out like nobodies business. That's what.
Now I am getting worried if I could tune back to the hectic lifestyle back in Kalamazoo where I have to wake up at 7am every single morning.

Sleeping 12 hours a day really ain't doing me any good either since I get even more tired compared to sleeping only 8 hours.

Anyway, I am in Detroit right now enjoying as much Asian food and TV as I can before returning.

Look at the stormy sky.
The ride back from Detroit's Airport was slow and slippery.
There were accidents everywhere from snow storm.

Check out the thickness of the snow and that was only accumulated within just a few hours.

Jeph as usual loved clowning around. Stuffed his face in the snow, creating a mold of his face.
Cool eh?

The snow was so thick that I had to walk to make a pathway and whoever behind me can just step into my footprints so that they won't dirty their shoes and pants.

We went sleighing which was a heap of fun but none of us brought a camera since we knew that we would be bumping and crashing into random people and objects.
Don't want a crushed camera at the end of the fun huh. :)

All of us had our own snow angels.

And we waited for weather to get warmer for packing (sticky) snow for our mission to make our first snow man.

Jeph taught Lynn and I how to roll huge ass snow balls.
See, normal fresh snow would not be sticky enough to stick when you try rolling it into a ball. Like sand, if there is a little moist, it would form whatever you want it to be.

It was funny to see the green grass underneath the thick white pile of snow.

It was as if the snow was a carpet and we were merely just rolling the carpet up.

Lynn as usual getting all excited.

Okay, maybe not just her.
After forming three different sizes of snowballs and piling them on top of eat other, we went down to the basement to search for items that we don't want for Mr. Snowman.
It wouldn't be nice to use a nice hat or scarf because anyone would easily take it during the night and you'll have a naked snowman.


Mrs. Naked Snow Woman!

We decided that it was silly for our snow woman to be naked since we were living in a family neighborhood.
So we decided to dress her up.

Final Product of our Asian Snow Woman

Lets see, we used unwanted toys, an Asian styled hat, a toy snake for the collar, an old ribbon, black garbage bag strips for the hair, cup cake molds, and group effort.

After a night of strong howling wind, Mrs. Snowman lost her belt buttons, and her smile

And this was what happened to her after a day of heat wave.

Michigan really is a unpredictable when it comes to the weather.
One day it'll be cold and the other it'll be warm.
Seriously, I can never get use to the weather.

Till then, Have a Happy New Year!!!

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