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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Woe to Pain

An infection in the gums, my fifth sty of the semester, a slight fever this morning, diarrhea, a freaking thumb nail that is falling off...
All in finals week.

Darn it

I finally went to the ophthalmologist today after three times of going to the Health Center on Campus with no improvement at all.

Guess how much was my medical fee?

Thank God for insurance, I only paid $10

Wanna guess how much was my eye medication?

$108 for a teeny tiny tube of lubricant
Thank God for insurance, I only paid $20

Medical fees here in the Freaking States cost so much. Why la?


Bobo said...

Yeap I paid around 300 bucks for seeing a gynecologist in Bronso... I have to pay the full fee for tat =(
I want to know why too

*YenN* said...

I learned that I should call the insurance company to check which center is it linked to so i can get covered by them cuz if i pay without coverage, it would be too expensive.... crazy

Bobo said...

Which insurance company u're using?

*YenN* said...

Aetna lo... the student insurance provided by the university
the one that is the most expensive in our tuition fee every semester