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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chinese New Year Dinner

One of the biggest things I am missing out during Chinese New Year is obviously the Ang Paus.
It's not like I get a lot every year, I use to compare the amount I get with my friends and I would be so jealous because my parents would only give me ten ringgit until I was like sixteen.
Dad would give more, but he'll write it in a cheque so that we can't spend it.
That was how I learned to be stingy and careful with money, because I never had enough.
Anyway, usually Chinese New Year would still be the time I get the most in the entire year, and I'll just save and use it slowly until the next Chinese New Year comes.
I got ONE ang pau this year from a Vietnamese union worker from work , and I am pretty happy about it.
My angpau this year contains two chocolate coins and a half dollar.
The half dollar is a collector's item and it can only be ordered from banks.
Cool eh?

I got NONE last year, so it is definitely an improvement!
*grins happily*

Well, I spent Chinese New Year's eve at Jon's.

Unlike cooking together with them last year, Jon and some of the others prepared an expensive Chinese New Year dinner and all we had to do was just pay 20bucks.

Homemade Yee Sang prepared by Jo Jo.
It was made out of fruits, vegetables, and cereal for the crunchy texture, much more healthier compared to last year's recipe.

Low ah low.........

After that, we had a mini karaoke session while the others played poker.

Pretty ladies, all in a row.

Jeong and I selecting songs for karaoke.
I just realized that I can never find the perfect song for me in karaoke sessions because I suck at reading mandarin characters.
I guess, I returned all my Chinese school lessons back to SJK (c) Lick Hung.
Six years of Mandarin, all down at Lake Michigan.

Stay tuned for another Chinese New Year celebration update at Chicago Chinatown!

*Every year got fish
Direct Translation... go figure.

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