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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Gone are the Holidays
and back to reality...

Like I've said before, I have been lazing around for the past three weeks and now I have to get my Big Fat Butt up and ready for school in a couple of days.

Boy, I can't wait.

Jazz Technique Classes, Voice Lessons, Stage Reading, my Second Show which is also my Musical Debut in WMU, Workout, and of course work to pay of my voice lesson accompaniment.
How exciting huh!

Holidays have been relaxing and awesome.
Mostly spent on enjoying the Asian culture here as much as possible since there are practically almost NO good Asian restaurants and Asian Markets around in Kalamazoo.

So here is a little snippet of what I've done these past two weeks.

Dinner was literally like this almost everyday for the past two weeks.
It is like a luxury for Lynn and I to have home-cooked food already. What more home made Siew Mai, Spring Rolls, Corn Beef, Beef Steak, Bitter Melon Salad, Soup, Noodles...
Gosh, I cant even remember what did I eat.

It was probably one of the most times I watched Jeph and his friends play poker.
Sorry to say that I still don't know how to play poker because I suck at card games.
At least I learned how to shuffle cards like a pro :)

We visited downtown and checked out chocolate shops, cupcake stores, shoe boutiques and more shoe boutiques.

Went clubbing at Eden again

Got sneaked in to a above 21 club for the second time and this time the music was 10 times better than the last time I was there.
I did my first and only workout for the whole two weeks, dancing the night away till I could not dance no more.

All sweaty and smokey at the end of the night.

If course we celebrated Christmas

Took a stroll down housing areas to admire the decoration and lights everyone put up.

We exchanged gifts under the Christmas tree

Loved my banger and sexy lingerie that Lynn bought me.

We attended a UGLY SWEATER themed Pot Luck White Elephant Party with Jeph's friends
One thing for sure, I know that Malaysians will definitely NOT go to an ugly sweater party because we are so use to looking good and pretty for events and it is quite impossible for people to be sporting enough to look ugly for a change.
Unless times changed?

The boys in the ugly sweaters

The girls in Grandma Sweaters

Everyone brought all sorts of food and of course we ate like people who have not eaten in 10 days.

Let me explain what a White Elephant Party is.
Everyone comes to a party and is required to bring a gift that is below or above a certain amount of money. Presents will be kept under the tree, and then everyone will have to pick a number and the person who gets the first number can pick the present that he wants first, followed by everyone else according to their numbers.

Everyone bought all sorts of crazy presents like sausages, a coconut scraper (like the picture above), etc.

Jeph bought Sex Dice

And I bought the Kama Sutra

jealous? :)

Jeph and my ugly sweater

We went for one dollar bowling

Jeph, Lynn and Jeremmy wrapped my fragile thumb just in case the nail would fall out.

Owh well, that wraps it all.
I am leaving back to the Zoo tomorrow and ready to see my Malaysian People.

Happy New Years till next year!!

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