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Friday, January 09, 2009

A Random Post

I have been posting the most random things ever lately because I am just too busy and tired to think of anything else to write about besides by hawt dance teacher and how freaking sore my body is right now.

Nice o not?
I just like the sky.
I miss Florida already.

The weather now is just disgusting.
I mean, yes it's pretty with the fluffy snow falling and covering the trees and all. But its is HORRIBLE when you walk in it.
It is like working out even though its just a walk from one end of the campus to the other end.

On the other hand,
I am happy.
I just got promoted at work and will be having my first supervisor shift tomorrow.
I know la, nothing big but I am just excited that I have a dollar increase in my paycheque.

And I miss home
I miss Chinese New Year.
I miss Sharkfin Soup.
I miss grandma's cooking .
I miss AngPaus.


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