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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Second Chinese New Year in Kalamazoo

I guess I have been waiting in vain for my long on and off viral sickness to wear off.
It is so darn annoying to have to plough through the freezing weather with nothing but a freaking bad nasal and lung congestion and the fact that I could imagine my frozen and (literally) bloody lungs exploding into the white snowy sky as I walk to and fro from class.

I hate, despise, LOATHE being sick!!!!!!!!!!

It's been a week and a half already and I still sleep almost 18 hours a day and my voice still sounds like a old man.

Owh well, I guess I should be at least a tad bit grateful that I was well for two days before I fell sick again.


Two days before Chinese New Year, pot luck at Ji Wey and Choon Yee's place
I loved the idea that each and everyone of us got to write a greeting on the wall of the entrance.

Those who was there earlier helped decorated the place with Chinese Calligraphy.

Me and my usual wardrobe malfunction.
Lynn and June just couldn't help but to make fun of my ugly pink and brown striped socks.

The girls in the house

Lynn and the very tipsy Soon Thing.

From left: Lindsey, Soon Thing, Penny, me, June, Irene, Lynn, and Sir Ling

The pretty drunk Soon Thing (after more drinks)

Since I just got well at that time, all I had was H20 while everyone else indulged themselves in 'happy juices'.

The very tall Ngai Hou and the very short me.

I guess I kinda took the opportunity to bully the drunk girl while she was half conscious of her surroundings :)

End of day one of not being sick.

Till I get better,

Have a Prosperous Ox Year ahead!

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