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Monday, January 12, 2009

Too Surreal

Back home in Malaysia, we hardly talk about war, military, army or whatever governmental force. The only closest thing to the army would be the National Service for selected high school seniors after they graduate. All kids around my age would either be studying and planning for their future (which is good), clubbing and smoking like there is nothing important in the world to care about, or damn darn materialistic and spoiled- thinking which LV bag should they buy next.

Now that I am over here at this side of the globe, war, guns, death, atomic and nuclear bombs are so damn real that I feel so afraid. Never a day I don't see any military involved college student fully clothed in their camouflage army attire, or the smart navy blue uniformed Marine walking along the pathways in between campus buildings.

I admire them for their dedication for their country.

Their patriotism of dying for their land, government, family and friends, especially at this time of the decade when Bush's silly ideas of 'getting rid of terrorists' are not just ideas but a reality.
I do understand that many kids dedicated their lives to the military because of the benefits of the government paying for school and extra allowances. It made me so thankful that my parents saved up for me ever since I was a kid just so that I can go through university life without any burden or a need to take a loan, or to give my life... to the government.

Couple of months ago, a person whom I am very close with named xyz told me that he was going to join the Marines because he wanted to do something with his life and of course he needed money because his parents could not afford his education fees. Just for your information, xyz is probably one of the few people with the biggest hearts I have ever met in my entire life. I guess I was pretty much moved, but I wasn't much affected as he still has not signed any agreements yet. His dream was to be in the Marine.

There are so many different kinds of military forces here. Marine for the overall flight, sea, and land, Air Force for the Air, Navy for Sea, and the Army for land. The Marines are known to be the most respected of all the Military forces and somehow in my opinion...... the ones treated the worst. First of all, they have the lowest pay compared to all the others, they would have to go for war first if anything happened, and their training is the most difficult among them all.
Doesn't make sense.

XYZ is the youngest and the baby of his family. His got into a fight with his dad after telling telling his parents that he was going to give his life to the Marines; which is totally understandable. No parent would want to see their child hurt. I work with a German lady whose daughter is in Iran/Iraq, somewhere I don't remember, and she was telling me about how she got a phone call and her daughter's vehicle was blown up while she was just driving. Thank god that she was okay, but her mom was worried to death for the next couple of sleepless nights thanking God that her her daughter was not dead. I can never imagine being her.
Somehow, xyz changed his mind and decided to join the Navy instead.
He called me yesterday night and told me that he might be going active, which means that he would have to move to another state and work as a Navy while he continues his studies.
All these while, I was okay about the fact that he was going to be a Navy and he was going to boot-camp during the summer. All he wanted was to be in the reserve. And I was okay with that. Everything still felt as if it was still so far away.
He just signed his contract yesterday and he will be leaving when Autumn comes.
It suddenly struck me that I might lose him. I don't know why but I just can't help but to cry to not being able to see him again.
Maybe I am just being negative about the military forces, but how can I be calm and collected with the current stupid situation. America is still technically in a war! What if xyz gets called to wherever they want to send him?
His still has a 50/50 chance of losing his life.

I guess the only hope now for the Americans and families with their loved ones out there in war is Obama. Everyone is hoping for a change. Everyone is desperate for change.
Let's just hope he doesn't let the Americans down.
On the other hand, how the heck is he going to clean Bush's shit up?
I wouldn't be surprise if it will take years.

It is just too surreal.


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