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Friday, February 06, 2009

A Day Trip to Chicago Chinatown

The new Malaysian Student Association Committee recently organized a trip to Chicago's Chinatown to celebrate Chinese New Year. I can't deny that we were pretty darn worried that we would not have enough people to cover the cost of the bus.
Thankfully for Lynn who called up almost every single person she knew in Kalamazoo, we managed to fill the 47 seat Charter bus.

Miss New President and I

We even got our American friends to join us on the trip.
Introducing Caitlyn. I am pretty sure that this is not the first time I introduced her in my blog.
Caitlyn is probably one of the craziest people I know and guess what is she doing in the picture?
She is literally biting my hair!!

Upon arriving... This is what we usually see in the movies filmed in Chicago.
It's famous skylines.

Chicago's Chinatown.
I was absolutely utterly disappointed when I found out that PENANG- The Malaysian Restaurant was burned down as I had a craving for Chicken Rice.

Another one of my American friends, Martin. Actually, the first American friend I knew, and guess what was the first thing he said to me?

Martin: "Ni Hao." ('How are you' in mandarin)

Took me by surprise, but we've been good friends ever since.

Found another recommended place and then waited outside for about half an hour for the restaurant to open it's doors.

My awesome neighbors, Dumpling Kit, Gorgeous Cheryl, and Eeno Neemo

Joy Yee Noodles- definitely a great place with HUGE PORTIONS and a not too bad pricing.

Soft Shell Crab Pasta for $14
Look at the humongous portion!!!!

And of course, Lynn and I shared.
We never finished it.
I guess it would be better if three people shared the dish, at least it wouldn't go to waste.

Most of us.

We then headed to the parade area along with the other hundreds. There were cop cars all lined up to block traffic, and cops on horses to manage the crowd.

We found a tight spot and waited for the parade to start.

Cheryl's signature pose

The usual Dragon that we see during Chinese New Year
.Lion Dances.
No offense, but coming from the country which is internationally known to have the number one Lion Dance, I wasn't impressed with what I saw.
I mean, all they did was shake the head and wiggle the butt.
C'mon, a Lion Dance with no acrobatic skills?
On the other, my American friends loved it. So it was fine in the end.

Little Asian kids beating on drums and screaming 'Gong Hei Fatt Choi' in the parade was the highlight for me.

Somehow they had Scottish Pipe bags and men in Kilts.

I loved the architecture of Chinese influenced buildings

The building right behind us.

After the parade, we took the transit train to downtown for window shopping.

As we were walking...

Here's the night view of Chinatown from the transit. Nice? :)

Mini updates:
1. I am starting to get busy with rehearsals for the Donkey Show which is showing after Spring Break.

2. The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is staging in the middle of the month! Come watch me show the middle finger at the end of my song!

3. My lower back and my right butt cheek hurts.

4. I can't wait for Spring because I am sick of snow and ice.

5. I want to watch Lion King!!! Why are the tickets so expensive? Oh wait, I forgot. That is my industry and that is where I am going to be getting my pay cheque...
Go watch more Broadway musicals.
There is a different emotional connection between movies and live theatre.
Support the arts!

6. I have a new house back home and it sucks that I don't even know how my bedroom looks like.

7. Daddy got transferred to Bangladesh. I love you daddy and I hope you enjoy your stay there. Call mummy more often!

8. He's Not That Into You is a great movie!

Till then, I am hungry.
Have a great week ahead.

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