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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

No offense to anyone.

Valentine's Day is OVERRATED.
Why treat someone special on this day when you can treat him or her special all year round?
Nevertheless, it is a day to look forward to because some how everything is more romantic and it is good to have something to look forward to.
right? :)

My Valentine's Day this year is very different from all the other years because the best thing to do back home when there are tonnes of good restaurants around is to pick one that you like, join the traffic jam, and pay extra for this 'special day'.

My Valentine this year treated me to a safe cost restaurant, in my room.
*kay... its not that he is a cheapo but the fact that he offered to cook for me sounds like a better plan than anything else, especially when we are all broke.

I was at work for the entire morning and that was when I had my first Valentine's Day gift from a friend.

A candy necklace! :)
American kids here are so darn lucky, they have every kind of candy in the world to make them happy. Before obese seeps in......
I walked around happily with my candy around my neck and whenever I felt like eating it, I would just pull it to my mouth and bite one off the string.

After work, I went for an interview with the International Student Orientation Leader Program while my Valentine took my house keys and did all the preparations before I came home.

I came home with Mr. Valentine preparing his dishes.
He was super nervous because it was his first time cooking Filipino food.
And for a first timer's try, it was super darn good. At least it taste better that it looks. :)
I was getting ready and as I walked out, I was greeted by an all-dressed-in-a-suit host (which was also my Valentine date).

'Welcome to Bistro Barrios', he said as he led me into my bedroom.
I was banned from my room until dinner started.

Mr. Valentine decorated my teeny tiny room with balloons and I even had a center piece for our little romantic dining table.

My Valentine balloon that was attached to the center piece.

Everything was kept to simplicity from food, to homemade cranberry vodka.

Definitely one of the few days in my life to remember.

One thing to keep in mind though, everyday should be Valentine's day. Right?


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