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Monday, March 30, 2009

A brief post about Spring Break New York

Haha... I know this was ages ago, but here's my day two trip of my favorite city.

I took this picture at 6.30 in the morning before brushing my teeth and getting ready for the day. Manhattan city... owhhlala...

First stop was the famous Ellis Island that we learned so much about in American Studies during the ADTP days at Sunway University.
We passed by the Liberty Island on the way to Ellis Island but we didn't make a stop there since we can't go up the statue anymore.

Here's Ellis Island where all the immigrants from all over the world came over to the United States.

In the halls where thousands of people lined up to get into the country.

The old glass frames that I can imagine people peeking through just to see how the city looks like back then.

Crystal and I with the bunk beds behind us.
I just can't imagine after spending weeks in a ship, just when the immigrants think that they can get on with their lives, they're stuck here in the immigration waiting and waiting, and waiting....
People those days really do live through hard lives.

Information on Ellis Island.

The Star Spangled Banner

With faces of the immigrants behind.
Up to this day, many still go back to Ellis Island to trace the roots of their ancestors to see if they passed through the Island.

Next stop, a very ugly picture of me at over looking Ground Zero (use to be Twin Tower) at the Financial Trade Centre.
Can't believe I was so close to it. What if 911 happened right when I was there taking the picture? Gosh, so creepy.

I kinda think our Malaysian Pavilion was inspired by the Financial Trade Centre because they had almost the same architecture, including the big step area.
Don't have a picture of it though...

But I have a picture of this......



After touring around the area, we grabbed dinner and watched Lion King the Musical!

So excited!
My first Broadway Musical

Amin, Cheryl, Lynn and I

Our NYC traveling buddies :)
I had so much fun with them, *breathe*
ah... memories...

From top left,
Kim Ritter, Me, Cheryl, Hashim, Nick and Tieng Yee
Bottom left, Amin, Lygia, and Vewen

Day Three at the city.
It was our only free day and it was probably the best day too.
We got the chance to take our own time to explore the inner parts of the city.


First stop.

Never had the chance to see anything like that.
Gosh, it was more like public pornography.
I kinda felt embarrassed watching different varieties of 'educational sex' in front of everyone else.
There were different videos play at every booth, from lesbian sex, to gay sex, to revolutionary movie scenes, to etc.

Nuff said? :)

Most of our time was spent shopping in Chinatown, and my very satisfying 30$ haircut.
Here's Crystal, Lynn and I at a Malaysian, Singaporean Restaurant.
O Chein, Laksa, owhmigosh..... closest to home food, especially when I'm not going back this year.

We camwhored a LOT.
Bel's supermodel picture.

In front of a small cathedral.

I thought this picture was funny.
Everyone was camwhoring, and everyone was taking the picture when one person was comwhoring.
This was a candid picture. I swear.

ehe... *shy*

Lagi shy :)

My obnoxious crazzy sister
I love you!

We had the famous John's New York style pizza.
*love it*


Finally, the Donkey Show is done and over with. (that's why I have more time to blog now)
But, more auditions to come.
Back to memorizing.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Donkey Success

Thanks to those who came and supported the Donkey Show.
We had two sold out nights and only two more shows left.

So yeah..
Love you all.... :)

especially you Hboo <3

Friday, March 27, 2009


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Newspaper Review

WMU's disco-driven 'Donkey Show' blues the line between the audience and the stage

by Marin Heinritz | Special to the Gazette
Friday March 20, 2009, 7:40 AM

Kayla Peabody plays disco queen Tytania in "The Donkey Show," a loose adaptation of "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

-- You get a wristband at the door, a bouncer checks your ID, and you walk onto a dimly-lit dancefloor packed with sweaty college kids covered in body glitter and little else shaking their groove things to Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, and Kool and the Gang.

It's supposed to be Studio 54 in the late 1970s, but there's no escaping the fact that it's the York Arena at Western Michigan University today, and you're surrounded by ecstatic theater kids putting on a show.

And that's not all bad.

What makes "The Donkey Show" a delight is that it is, indeed, a performance; and the action happens as much in the audience as it does on stage because there's little difference between the two.

But the audience doesn't necessarily become the show. It's like going to a club -- you can get out on the dancefloor to be seen, or you can sit in the "VIP" area to fade into the background and take it all in.

Just forget that it has anything to do with Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream," the romantic comedy this show by Randy Weiner and Diane Paulus is loosely based on. Oberon is a sleazy nightclub owner, Tytania is a coked-out exotic dancer, and two couples quarrel and dual through dance-offs and what amounts to classic disco karaoke.

The setting is the underbelly of a seedy club rather than an enchanted forest; instead of fairy dust there's angel dust to catalyze the magic.

Director Jay Berkow beautifully cast and choreographed this show, pulling together the madness with gusto. And seeing him out there dancing in his leather pants is practically worth the cost of admission.

Kayla Peabody is brilliant as Tytania -- she's a terrific singer who moves like a classically trained dancer gone wild. Ben Maters plays a wonderfully dark and cocky Oberon. Heather Dolan does a killer rendition of "I Will Survive," and Zachary McConnell is a fabulous host/DJ in his gold sparkly pantsuit and blond afro.

No one ever breaks character, and the ensemble is tight. Among the show's highlights are Tytania's entourage of boys wearing headbands, tube socks and little else who provide balletic dance interludes throughout the show. Equally amusing are the girl back-up singers who can really belt out the funk while donning knee-high boots and a few sequins.

This show is what it is: a bright, fun play -- a chance for a community of performers and its audience to come together and celebrate good times. Nothing more and nothing less.

Theater review
"The Donkey Show" -- 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and continuing at 8 p.m. March 26-28 and at 2 p.m. March 29. York Arena, Gilmore Theatre complex, Western Michigan University. $20 general, $15 seniors, $5 students. 387-6222, www.wmich.edu/theatre.


Auditions, auditions, classes, rehearsals, shows, performances, and auditions...

Boy, this semester is moving by really quickly. I can't wait for Summer!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Guess What?!

I got cast in my first BROADWAY Musical at an Equity Theatre an hour away from Kalamazoo! 
I am so darn excited. I am speechless. 

*screams and run around naked in the snow*

Tonight was opening night, It was a blast although most of the audience members are of the older generation because it is a Thursday night.
I can't wait for the weekend's show :)

Random note, I just thought that I should spread my happiness.
I dreamt yesterday night that I was at the costume shop doing a fitting for a show and the costume managers had to change all of my measurements because I lost weight. 
*cough cough*

It's been a great day.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Donkey Show

After 6 weeks of rehearsals and feeling extremely exhausted, Donkey Show is finally opening tomorrow night.

Since so many people have been asking me about 'What is the Donkey Show?'
It is basically Shakespeare's Midsummer's Night Dream in a disco version. The whole show is set in a 70's club setting filled with drugs, gay boys, alcohol, and disco music.

Well, I don't know whether a girl f*cking a donkey or gay boys dancing romantically together sounds more like it. You be the judge.

And this is my Faerie costume. I really do pray every night that I do not get a Nip Slip.

Friends in Michigan, come watch. It's gonna be a Wild Party.
Take two shots and just get a ticket for only 5 bucks.

Why spend it in a club when you can just come and watch us? :)

Monday, March 16, 2009


It is 10pm now.
I have been on campus for 13 and a half hours straight.

I peeled potatoes at work today for 2 hours with no break. I can peel one potato in one minute.
That means I peeled ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY POTATOES in total.

I just got done with rehearsal and I feel like I am about to pass out.
My feet hurt and stinks from dancing, wearing my boots.
I almost had a nip slip during rehearsal just now because there is just no way to wear a bra when we're wearing nothing but scarfs around our body and booty shorts.
The Donkey Show is opening on Thursday, and will be running for 2 weeks.

I have 2 auditions this week.
2 more next week.
And 2 more the week after next.

WOW. Life's like that.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Break Trip to the Big Apple

I have been waiting for this trip since I have no idea how long ago.
Working in New York has always been my dream and I have been wanting to see my dream city ever since....... probably when I decided that I wanted to do Music Theatre Performance.

When the international student office declared that they were having a trip to NYC, I was probably one of the first few to sign up for the trip.
I LOVE school trips.
First of all, you get to meet tonnes of people.
Secondly, these trips are usually subsidized by some big hearted patron or the school itself.
Third, I wouldn't know where to go if you threw me in a whole new place, so having to follow tours would be the next best thing.

With the combination of going to New York with a big group of friends and paying only $490 for a 6 day trip (plus all the tickets we need and a Broadway show), the one day bus drive didn't bother me at all.

I have been so darn busy this semester, it was a great sister bonding time :)
Our first stop...

Cracker Barrel, for lunch.
We thought that we could escape the bitter cold Kalamazoo to a warmer climate at New York, turns out that New York was having a snow storm when we arrived.
Hah. So much for a warmer climate, we had to spend an extra three hours in the bus to get into the city safely.

First stop, Grand Central Station with Yui and Cheryl
A humongous and beautiful old building.
I would say that their transportation is really darn efficient!

The insides.

I am actually taking a Greek Mythology class this semester and I got really excited when I saw all the Greek and Roman characters that we learned about as part of the architecture in the city.

What do you see that is familiar in the picture? :)
The Jalur Gemilang!!!
*runs around excitedly*
Forgive me, for I don't see a Malaysian Flag often :)

That is the famous Ice Skating Rink you see in movies filmed in NYC.
Looks much smaller than I thought.
That majestic gold statue is actually Atlas holding up the world (because he was punished by Zeus)

The Rink surrounded with flags all over the world.

The streets of NYC.
Never seen so many yellow taxis in my life!

The famous St. Patrick's Cathedral.

One thing I realize about churches here is that they are so different compared to teeny tiny shop lot churches compared to Malaysia.
The first thing I thought about when I entered was ShiYin aka. Missycheerio because of the architecture.

*Girl, check out the architecture!! You should just come over and visit me while you tour!*

I kinda feel bad because we were snapping pictures as though we have never seen a church like that before (literally).
Then again, I could imagine how peaceful it would be.

A solemn peace.

We went into the biggest toyshop (use to be) in NYC

Harry Potter characters build by LEGO blocks

Our tour guide was asking us to go look for the "Big Piano", and I thought that maybe it was just a big Grand Piano in the toy store.
Turns out to be a BIG Piano alright.

I was trying to play "Doe a Deer" without tripping over myself :)

Then we visited Hard Rock cafe.
Nothing special, but since the meal was paid for, why not?

Real costumes that once belonged to The Beatles.

The last agenda for the night was the Rockefeller Tower to see the NYC view

Tickets Please!

New York, New York, hell luva town

Isn't the view Gorgeous? You see the Empire State building too
I don't mind just setting up a table and have a home cooked meal, that would be my candlelight dinner if it wasn't that cold at that time.

Good Night New York City.

Till then, I gotta get back to work and make up for the hole in my pocket after the trip.