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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Donkey Show

After 6 weeks of rehearsals and feeling extremely exhausted, Donkey Show is finally opening tomorrow night.

Since so many people have been asking me about 'What is the Donkey Show?'
It is basically Shakespeare's Midsummer's Night Dream in a disco version. The whole show is set in a 70's club setting filled with drugs, gay boys, alcohol, and disco music.

Well, I don't know whether a girl f*cking a donkey or gay boys dancing romantically together sounds more like it. You be the judge.

And this is my Faerie costume. I really do pray every night that I do not get a Nip Slip.

Friends in Michigan, come watch. It's gonna be a Wild Party.
Take two shots and just get a ticket for only 5 bucks.

Why spend it in a club when you can just come and watch us? :)


reenz said...

wooo looking hot! ehhe
as for the nip slip..uh.double sided tape?? :P

*YenN* said...

ehehe.... Yeah, we were thinking of that.
Thanks for reminding me to get it tonight!! :)