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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Guess What?!

I got cast in my first BROADWAY Musical at an Equity Theatre an hour away from Kalamazoo! 
I am so darn excited. I am speechless. 

*screams and run around naked in the snow*

Tonight was opening night, It was a blast although most of the audience members are of the older generation because it is a Thursday night.
I can't wait for the weekend's show :)

Random note, I just thought that I should spread my happiness.
I dreamt yesterday night that I was at the costume shop doing a fitting for a show and the costume managers had to change all of my measurements because I lost weight. 
*cough cough*

It's been a great day.


Bobo said...

CONGRATS!!!! Lets celebrate (an excuse to drink and eat more )

*YenN* said...

Yes! I told you we need a girls night out! :)