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Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Break Trip to the Big Apple

I have been waiting for this trip since I have no idea how long ago.
Working in New York has always been my dream and I have been wanting to see my dream city ever since....... probably when I decided that I wanted to do Music Theatre Performance.

When the international student office declared that they were having a trip to NYC, I was probably one of the first few to sign up for the trip.
I LOVE school trips.
First of all, you get to meet tonnes of people.
Secondly, these trips are usually subsidized by some big hearted patron or the school itself.
Third, I wouldn't know where to go if you threw me in a whole new place, so having to follow tours would be the next best thing.

With the combination of going to New York with a big group of friends and paying only $490 for a 6 day trip (plus all the tickets we need and a Broadway show), the one day bus drive didn't bother me at all.

I have been so darn busy this semester, it was a great sister bonding time :)
Our first stop...

Cracker Barrel, for lunch.
We thought that we could escape the bitter cold Kalamazoo to a warmer climate at New York, turns out that New York was having a snow storm when we arrived.
Hah. So much for a warmer climate, we had to spend an extra three hours in the bus to get into the city safely.

First stop, Grand Central Station with Yui and Cheryl
A humongous and beautiful old building.
I would say that their transportation is really darn efficient!

The insides.

I am actually taking a Greek Mythology class this semester and I got really excited when I saw all the Greek and Roman characters that we learned about as part of the architecture in the city.

What do you see that is familiar in the picture? :)
The Jalur Gemilang!!!
*runs around excitedly*
Forgive me, for I don't see a Malaysian Flag often :)

That is the famous Ice Skating Rink you see in movies filmed in NYC.
Looks much smaller than I thought.
That majestic gold statue is actually Atlas holding up the world (because he was punished by Zeus)

The Rink surrounded with flags all over the world.

The streets of NYC.
Never seen so many yellow taxis in my life!

The famous St. Patrick's Cathedral.

One thing I realize about churches here is that they are so different compared to teeny tiny shop lot churches compared to Malaysia.
The first thing I thought about when I entered was ShiYin aka. Missycheerio because of the architecture.

*Girl, check out the architecture!! You should just come over and visit me while you tour!*

I kinda feel bad because we were snapping pictures as though we have never seen a church like that before (literally).
Then again, I could imagine how peaceful it would be.

A solemn peace.

We went into the biggest toyshop (use to be) in NYC

Harry Potter characters build by LEGO blocks

Our tour guide was asking us to go look for the "Big Piano", and I thought that maybe it was just a big Grand Piano in the toy store.
Turns out to be a BIG Piano alright.

I was trying to play "Doe a Deer" without tripping over myself :)

Then we visited Hard Rock cafe.
Nothing special, but since the meal was paid for, why not?

Real costumes that once belonged to The Beatles.

The last agenda for the night was the Rockefeller Tower to see the NYC view

Tickets Please!

New York, New York, hell luva town

Isn't the view Gorgeous? You see the Empire State building too
I don't mind just setting up a table and have a home cooked meal, that would be my candlelight dinner if it wasn't that cold at that time.

Good Night New York City.

Till then, I gotta get back to work and make up for the hole in my pocket after the trip.

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