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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Another Random Thought

Some of you might know that I auditioned for Music Theatre of Wichita about a week and a half ago and MISS SAIGON is one of their shows of the summer season.
I don't have to be cast as Kim, I just......... am dying to be in it.

Well, you know what?!
I'm freaking anxious about the results that will be out in a couple of days *supposedly today*, and I gave myself a whip lash on the neck for running to the computer lab to check the website.

No one is even surprised at me hurting myself because I have been labeled as one of the clumsiest person known to men and I keep thinking to myself, "when will I even grow out of being a clown?'

Now I feel partly handicapped because I've lost my ability to move my neck, and even singing hurts because we have neck muscles involved here! :'(


An April Fool's Joke

A friend of mine have been trying to to conceive (of course with her husband). And they have been trying for a long time. During April Fool's she called her husband and told him that she was pregnant with triplets!
Of course being overjoyed, he called up every single human being he knew to tell them the great news. When it reached his mother's ears, she called up her daughter in law to congratulate her.

Daughter in law aka. my friend: "erm, it's only an April Fool's joke."
Mother in law:"......................."

Moral of the story, we should have more Fool's day. January through December, that way we will be ready and smart enough to tell what is, and is not a joke. Not.

Thanks for layaning me... I'm so tired and my neck hurts like crazy :(

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