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Monday, April 27, 2009

Gala 2009

I decided to go extremely cheap on my dress and only spent $13 on it from Forever21.
I mean, I know that everyone probably has the dress already since it was THAT cheap but who cares? Throw on some uber cool heels and accessories and sash around my waist and I am set to go for the annual Gala organized by the theatre department.

I love it when I feel so petite among my American friends.
On the other hand, it kinda suck to be the shortest in the class.

American friend: *grabs my shoulders*
oh my god Yenn, you are so petite.
Yenn: *thinks in my head yeah, I am a giant in Asia ok*
haha.. thanks, I am so flattered.

I remembered going back to Malaysia about 10 months ago feeling like a walking Giant lo... I guess I should stay here in USA longer, just to make me feel thin.

Billy my classmate who was half my date for the night

One of the best parts of the night was SPOOF.
Basically we have 8 shows a year, and during Gala some senior will direct an imitation of the shows (something like The Scary Movie or Meet the Spartans).
Sounds stupid, but it was amazing because I was in two of the eight shows and it was funny seeing scenes that I was in on stage again in a creepier and comedic version.

Seniors of 2009 of the Theatre Department

Crystal, one of the most talented person I have ever seen in my entire life and was the girl who slapped me every night for at least a month for Our Lady of 121st Street during Fall 2008.
Love her to bits!

Okay, here's Sam.
He might be my future husband in a couple of years..................... in case things don't work out between.............

It's not Jeph okay.

It's between my Visa and I :)
Get your mind off the Gut!

I think I've had this story in my blog before, but heck. It's always okay to say it again just because I want to.

Professor: So Yenn, what are you going to do after you graduate? Are you going to back to Malaysia?
Yenn: I hope not. What am I going to do with a Music Theatre Performance Degree back there? I kinda hope I can get a GREEN CARD.
Professor: Owh, it's easy then. Just get one of the Gay boys to Marry you!!
Sam: Yenn! It's a deal. 2010. You and me. *winks*

So there, I just got proposed to. Just in case you see Sam and I together, you'll know what's going on :)

This is a very bad attempt to try to camwhore with Louie.
But I thought that I looked okay in it so.... there you go.

Pretty girls all in a row in super colorful dresses.

Random thoughts,

I am exhausted from doing nothing but chilling and eating at the Kelly's lake house 45 minutes away from Kalamazoo. It is one of the few most beautiful places that I have seen here in Michigan, sadly we couldn't do any water sports because of the cold and rainy weather.
BUT, we went drifting about in a speed boat and kayaking in the crystal clear lake.
I am just excited about spending more time there during warmer weather.


How would you feel like when you have ALL of your shoes....
I repeat all of your shoes thrown away?
That includes my Nike Air Force Ones, my Nike Air Max, my Nike Free, my Aldo Boots, my Kickass Black Boots, all of my Leather Dance Shoes for class, and many many of my flats, sandals, flip flops and other heels.

Boys, just imagine all of you computer accessories, video games, or even your soccer gear, or whatever that is worth your tears......

Whatever it is, it is a BIG DEAL.

Just for your info, I am a huge shoe fan and I love my shoes.
In the effort of moving to my new house, my dear sister helped me packed my shoes into a black garbage bag (how else you wanna keep them? I don't have enough space to pack them in boxes... but WAIT!), it was packed, a labelled CLEARLY with a GOLD Marker saying YENN'S SHOES okay. And! the bag was not tied, which means it was left open, which also means that you could still see what was inside. And, it was placed next to my black bag of winter coats which was also labelled.

Think about it.

It was almost impossible to have it mistakenly thrown away. Unless the bag of coats were gone too. Unless there was no attention paid. Unless, you are so unaware and completely busy doing something else!?

Total damage. Almost 600 usd
Let's not multiply it by the 3.7 currency rate ok.

Oh my god.... what would you do.
I don't even know what should I do.
I was too surprised and shocked to even really cry.
I could kill someone at that time, I swear!
I don't know what to feel right now.

And even if I get the money back to buy those shoes again, where the heck can I find the same deals?


Can you feel my pain?


reenz said...

oh gawd. the shoes. id die if my shoes were all thrown away.

oh man. i feel you >.<

Esther Chin said...

"American friend: *grabs my shoulders*
oh my god Yenn, you are so petite."

people here say that to me too. in Malaysia they tell me the opposite.

*YenN* said...

*Reenz: I know right. So angry. I need shoe shopping!!!! That's if I had the money :(

*Esther: Lol. Well at least you are tall. I feel like the bridge between KLCC everytime I stand next to them.. Lolx