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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Homemade Hamburgers and Jo's Birthday

Homemade Patties

I have waited months (literally) for this day to come.
Jeph and I took the opportunity of the one not so cold days to make our own hamburger patties.

Here's Jeph starting the mini grill at my balcony

We bought Colby and Pepper jack cheese to accompany our burger patties.
As for the burger patties, we had green peppers, onions, garlic, cayenne pepper, seasoned salt, black pepper, Italian herbs, and a whole lot of minced meat.

I did the marinating and mixing after class and set them on the backing sheet while I waited for Jeph to start the fire.
Ooo.. and we had hot Bratwurst (fat sausages) too!

Look at the fire dancing.... lalala...

Jeph bought chips (with a hint of lemon) and southwestern ranch dip too.
Look at em happy souls.

Lol... I think this picture made the hamburger look disgusting.
Thanks to the quality of my cellphone camera

Grrr... I had many more pictures but then they were takes with my sad lil 2.0mp no-focus-no-flash-suck in the dark camera-phone.

AND, our hamburger patties turned out extremely successful and delicious! I think I can actually sell the recipe and make some profit our of it. But then again, I already listed all the stuff I needed above already...
Bah... go make it yourself and tell me if it's nice or not.

Jo's BBQ Birthday

Here's the birthday boy who invited all of us to his house after the International Program Council meeting that we had on campus.
He was the chef of the day too!

We had homemade hamburger patties too, but this time it was Jo's recipe.
I really think that we should have a hamburger patty competition and see who makes the best tasting burger patties. It would be exciting! :)

Jo and I digging our fingers into the marinated meat.

I will kick someone if he touches my face with his hamburger hands..

Back at YOU!

Aziz, Lynn, and Joe.
Another round of super yummy and successful burger.

While waiting for the burgers to cook, the girls played Frisbee.....

while the boys played a game of soccer.

Here's our beloved Harrington siblings Aziz and Rose

Hashim and I lovin' our Barbecued Food.
See how humongous my burger was?!

Us girls again.

At the backyard

My all time favorite camwhore partner, Lynn

Did I mention that there was a swing hanging from the tree of Jo's backyard too?!
Brings me back my childhood memories when there was a time Lynn and I both shared ONE swing seat. And now, our butts are the size of Texas :(

Look at my sister acting all baby girl again

She looks even teenier in this one! Lol

Hehe... I want a swing in my backyard too (that's if I have a backyard).

After the BBQ Dinner, we headed to Airway Lanes for some fun.
They had miniature golf, comic bowling alley, arcades, Laser tag, Go karts, and many more games.

I liked this laser vault thing that I paid 3bucks for.
If you can see properly, that's me crawling on my knees on TV

It's like those mission impossible laser "obstacle courses" you see in movies like GET SMART and you can't touch any of the laser beams or else it will slice off your flesh.
Nah... it's not that dramatic. You just get a loud beep when you touch a laser beam.
Lynn was somewhere in the picture...... somewhere.......

Here's the booth where you can try to get a toy from. And I sucked in it. Whatever.

We played Go karts, arcade games (which reminded me of high school days when I played those cheap time wasting games at Summit's arcade), bumper cars and......

Even had a special karaoke appearance at the bar.
Although I am a performer, but its nerve wrecking doing spontaneous performances like that okay (especially I was freezing, dead tired, and having a cold at that time)
Lynn and I sang Carrie Underwood's BEFORE HE CHEATS.

Most of us at the Bar.

I didn't get to take any other pictures because *again* my cellphone camera sucks when there is no good lighting.

Note to self, charge your camera next time!

It's raining now, it makes me sleepy.... but it's a sign!
Spring is here!!!!!!!!!!!!
wokay, back to studying.... exams tomorrow and I am done for the semester.

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