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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

International Ball

I have officially attended my first American Prom/Ball last Saturday.
The International Programs Council decided to organize an 'American Concept Ball' for the international students to experience the American Prom.

And of course, Jeph was my date for the night.
Our good friend Joe was Lynn's date for the night.

The other American friends and us

Lynn and I took ages to get ready, but it was all worth it and you can't deny that it is part of the fun of prom.

I think the best part about the ball was camwhoring. This is Sweet YihWen.

Lygia from Germany and I

Gorgeous Cheryl... I love your gladiators!

Lovin' your dress too Jeong :)

Cheryl, Ka Wai and girlfriend (The Honkies), Buttercup Jeong, Lynn and I

My hotties Gorgeous Cheryl and Eeno

Chyn Wey who was the DJ for that night and us

We had Mediterranean Cuisine for dinner.
The fact that I worked in the cafeteria for more than a year now, I don't enjoy food as much anymore since I know the process of making it and I helped serve it so many times till I get sick of American food.. or more like.... cafe food.

Us being silly as usual.

Talk about silliness.

Since the theme was Happily Ever After, one of the highlights of the night was the Carriage Ride.

Four of us squeezed into the Cinderella-ish carriage and went for a short loop around the area.
*okay-lah.. quite layan

Pretty Rose who is the President of International Programs Council


I thought that the best part of the Ball was the Ballroom Dancing.
I was pretty glad that they got a Ballroom instructor to teach us Waltz. The feeling of the entire room doing the same dance to the same song at the same time was just amazing.
Something different :)

As you can see, this blog post has the minimal amount of words, I am tired, Ima go sleep now.


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