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Sunday, April 05, 2009

MODA Fusion Fashion Show

I've been invited by Bobo along with the other Malaysians to the MODA fashion show because she is modeling in it. Since we didn't have anything to do (no auditions or performance that day for the first time in two months.. phew*) we decided to look our best.

Gorgeous Cheryl *in typical Malaysian accent*: "eh dress up ar, dress up arr...."
Yenn: " What u mean?! It's our only golden opportunity to wear a dress here in Kalamazoo, OF COURSE!"

I guess I forgot to photoshop Lynn and Amin's eyes open ;)

Us sisters

It was our first time in a real fashion show... we didn't know what to expect.
That's the runway

Dresses, sleepwear, casual, gowns, and all designed by WMU students.
Half of their profit goes to the Brest Cancer Awareness, which I think is extremely gracious and thoughtful of them.

That's Bobo in front!
I thought that she had an amazing walk compared to some of the slouchy expressionless angmoh

Us Malaysian supporters in a better picture

Ze girls, Gorgeous Cheryl, myself, Pretty Lynn, and Sassy Yui from Japan

Bel and I

Yui and I decided to camwhore while we wait for our model friends to join us.

Star of the night: Bobo

Crystal who was also in the Fashion Show.

This was my extremely hungry have not eaten for 12 hours straight face at IHOP waiting for my food. Booo...

International Ball up next! Stay tuned

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Bobo said...

Hehe thanks for all ur supports!, girls!!!