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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I was at the bowling alley the other day and something random caught my ear.

American girl at the next alley: "oh my god, please... I am as Chinese as Fc*k ok! Remember last year during Halloween........"
Other American girl realizes that I was sitting next to them and slaps American girl on the head.


You're as Chinese as Fc*k? 
My guess is, this is when the term dumb blonde fits perfectly. You know nuts about being Chinese.
Go figure.

I had an awesome weekend at the Barrios' in Detroit. Jeph and I decided to show up at his dad's surprise Birthday Party (Easter, and his grandma's death anniversary). 
It was a blast meeting the entire tight-knitted family and friends that they had, and of course food, food and more food!
*Haven't had those in a while* 

Well, it's the last week of school till next fall. Study study study!

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