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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sushi Day!

Last Saturday, Mikey and I met up for lunch and we were complaining how bored we were and decided to make dinner.
At first we thought of Har Mee (Prawn noodles, or Hokkien Mee according to Penang People). Then we realized that there was no way we could get hold of the main ingredient for the soup which is Har Kou (Some prawn paste). Then we decided to have a Mini Steamboat. Unfortunately we didn't have a steamboat pot that comes with a little stove, and we thought that it was too expensive buy a mini stove just for a day.

Finally, we decided to make Sushi.
From the Asian Store to Walmart, to Meijer, to D&W, Mike and I literally went to almost all of the hypermarkets all over Kalamazoo to get everything we needed. Grocery shopping started at 12.30pm after lunch and ended only at 4pm.

At 7pm, the Bunch came over.

Mikey, Crystal, Lynn, and Cheryl.
I think Amin was Sharpening the knife while this picture was taken :)

We had the cucumbers ready for the Sushi rolls.

Amin who is the King of Knife Sharpening.

Slicing Sweet Potatoes and Eggplants (Brinjal) for Tempura

Avocados for the Sushi roll.

Our most expensive ingredient. Wile Salmon.
Original price $50 something for 2.2pound of meat and we only paid $22.
Erm... okay la... that's still quite expensive. If you multiply it by Rm3.5, that would be like almost Rm75. Insane. But it still looked better and more fresh compared to the beaten up Salmon meat at Meijer.

Cheryl was teaching Mikey how to skin the fish.

Lynn made Chinese Pancakes for sides.

Roll the Sushi. Roll the Sushi. Roll the Sushi.

Wasabi. Yes!

Shrimp for Tempura!

Shrimp Tempura and a couple of Eggplant pieces.

Show us the Rolls we made!
Hahaha... I liked how Amin was only holding one piece of eggplant.

We had Salmon, Unagi (Eel), Tuna, Avocado Sushi Rolls.

Great food, great company, great process.
We need too do this more often!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Blog Header!

I've taken the majority of your advices and voila!
Nice? No?

I just got done with a mini performance for the retiring faculty members of Western Michigan University. Haha.. sounds weird huh. At least I had a good dinner, great company, and 30bucks for a 20 minute performance. We performed 4 songs from the show that I am in, Bronco Way.

BRONCO WAY is an original musical written by all of the cast members, including me. :)
It is for the Freshmen Orientation Students coming to WMU throughout the entire month of June.
I am playing a transfer student from Malaysia. haha! sounds absolutely like me.
The only thing is that my name is Ling Ling Yum, instead of Sue-Yenn.
Laugh out loud.
Ling Ling Yum, who would have thought about it. But we figured that it would be hilarious, so we went with the silly name.

Anyway, for those are going to be bored in Kalamazoo during June, come watch BRONCO WAY at Gilmore Theatre Complex's Shaw Theatre at 7.30pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

See ya there.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

b o r e d

Extremely Sleepy... ZzzzzzZzz.....

How do you know that you've worked long enough in one certain place?

I work in the dishroom, and I can tell whose plates and trays were left at the counter based on what was on their plate. In that case, I practically know that person. But not really. I just know what does she eat whenever she comes in the cafeteria.
Pathetic, boh?

Tummy Ache.
Sigh. Why am I even here.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Jeph's 22rd Birthday

One thing I learned. It's difficult to surprise someone when you DON'T have a car, and when you see the person almost every single minute when you are free.
I got a friend, Iverson to make me a Coffee Flavored Cheese Cake.

Mahal Kita in Tagalok (Filipino Dialect): I love you.
I just love how it meant "expensive us" in direct translation to Bahasa Melayu.

At 12am, surprise!
It was funny that he believed me when I pretended that I forgotten his birthday 3 weeks prior to his birthday :)

Light Coffee Cheese Cake with Hershey Chocolate Sauce. What could be better?

18 hours later when I was suppose to be at work... but not ;)

Coke Pork
I was suppose to use Pork Belly but I could find it, even in the Asian Market.
I couldn't even possibly think of asking Jeph to bring me to the Asian Store in Grand Rapids 45 minutes away or else he would suspect the surprise dinner.
Marinated Pork in Coca Cola for 5 hours and simmered it for as long as you can.

Problem was that I should have simmered it in a slow cooker instead of having it in a normal pot.

Fried Calamari
Drake's is the best fry mix ever.

Marinated the baby octopus in seasoned salt, cili padi, and pepper.
Then, fry!

End product.
Only problem was that I didn't know how to keep it crunchy.

Stir fried Okra (Lady Finger) in dried Chili and Garlic.
Best dish ever.. *pats back*

Happy Boy.
I hope you enjoyed your surprises this year!
Mahal Kita Hunn..

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Good Morning.

It's 9am now.
It's a beautiful Saturday morning and I am wondering why am I even awake at this time of the weekend. I was hanging out at a friend's for a birthday party yesterday night till 2am only to realize that I have work at 6.30am this morning.
I can't possibly call-in 'sick' can I?
Nope, it's a supervising shift and I have to open the cafeteria. Don't wanna get to the bad side of the managers. I think I'll just have to wake up.
I had less than 4 hours of sleep and I was telling myself yesterday night before I sleep,
"Girl, waking up at 6am in the morning for work, this better be worth it."

I dragged myself up this morning, took a half jog to work since I did not have the luxury of Jeph's car today. Came to work, had 2 of my workers late so I had to open the cafeteria all by myself.
Stayed here for three hours, and finally my shift has ended.

Guess what?
Throughout the entire three hours of work, I only had ONE customer.
ONE freaking customer!!! I mean it's not that I didn't see it coming, since its summer, people party the night before, and who the hell wants to wake up so early to eat freaking breakfast on a Saturday morning?!
Not only that, that one freaking customer had one heck of a grumpy mood.
Or maybe we were too cheerful for him to handle?

Yenn: Morning!!!! *BIG WIDE SMILE* Guess what? You are our first customer of the day!
Grumpy customer: *Nods head and totally ignored me*
Cooks chilling in the dining: *BIG WIDE SMILE* Good Morning!
Grumpy customer: *Ignore*
Dish room Supervisor: *BIG WIDE SMILE* Good morning! Wow. You're our first customer!
Grumpy Customer: *walks away*

Hah. So much for appreciating good service.
Do you know how many BIG WIDE SMILES we gave you?
Bet you either got knocked up yesterday night, or you were deaf.


On the other hand, it's a pretty day out!!!!!!! Whee*

Friday, May 22, 2009

Still in search of a header.....

So far I've only found ONE picture suitable for my new header. However, I don't know how should I edit it. So, it's up to you guys to tell me which one do you prefer.

Option #1

Option #2

Same picture with a reflection effect. Nice, no?


Tell me what you think. I need opinions!

*Picture credits to Chyn Wey

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Higher and higher.

Climb every mountain,
Ford every stream,
Follow every rainbow,
Till you find your dream.

I'll be there in no time. Owh, how time flies.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Everyone is talking about Swine Flu.

MEXICO CITY -- In response to the swine flu outbreak that has left dozens dead in Mexico and spread to other countries, officials here launched a campaign to inform the public on virus symptoms, prevention and treatment.

The following information was provided by the Mexican Ministry of Health.

SYMPTOMS: Sudden fever above 38 degrees (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit), cough, headache, aching joints, nasal congestion and general fatigue.

DIAGNOSIS: Clinical examination of secretions from the nose and mouth in the first 24-72 hours after presenting symptoms, and a study of blood samples to detect existence of influenza virus.

TREATMENT: In confirmed cases, Mexican authorities have provided patients with flu drugs Seltamivir or Zanamivir under strict medical supervision, and warn against side effects in misuse.

The Mexican government said that the antiviral drugs would only be administered if infection is confirmed.

Authorities have reportedly some million doses on hand, although local media warn that pharmacies have run out of treatments.


One month ago, MummyDearest texted me and warned me about the Swine Flu outbreak in the United States.
Three weeks ago, I laughed when I heard that the Government of Egypt ordered every pig in the country slaughtered.
Two weeks weeks ago, a colleague told me that her boyfriend's sister we sent to the hospital because of Swine Flu.
Last week, the some of the Malaysian students in WMU reconsidered going to the Annual Mid west Games held in Illinois because of the extremely high number of confirmed cases of Swine Flu.
Four days ago, I found out that there were six Malaysians (in Malaysia) diagnosed with Swine Flu.
Two days ago, I watch I am Legend, talked about Swine Flu with friends who came over that night, and dreamed about Swine Flu wiping out mankind like how it was in I am Legend.
*Wrong movie at the wrong time*
Yesterday, we found out that the Mid West Games were canceled because of the epidemic.
This morning, I found out from Jeph that we had our first Swine Flu victim in Western Michigan University.
A few minutes ago, Lynn confirmed with me that the first Swine Flu victim in Kalamazoo is non other than a Malaysian student that I know.

Now, I am scared.

What is happening to this world?
I know that many agreed that we are over-reacting to this H1N1 virus, that so many people died only because they have poor treatment in Mexico as it is a third world country with poor hygiene, blah blah blah...
Even so, I still think that it is darn scary having to know that anyone from anyone could get the virus, and if we still keep up with this ignorant mentality of "It will never be me", I really don't know what will happen.

Pump up the multi-vitamins and echinacea people.
Pray hard, and keep your fingers crossed that it will pass.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Out of Kay-Zoo

What have I been doing throughout summer?

Work. Rehearsals. Same old that I have blogged about.

It's good to get out of Kalamazoo although having been here for almost half of my college life made me think if I would ever get use to the busy city life again. Anyways just last weekend, Lynn and I accompanied Jeph to Detroit to celebrate Mother's Day.

On the road with beautiful blue skies above our heads.

Almost 85miles per hour.

I swear, Michigan has A LOT of land. There's always greens and cattle at the sides of the freeway. The government should give out more Green Cards to unfortunate souls like me to come live here and build my own house in their mass amount of land.
Lets see, 20acres wouldn't make a difference right?

Upon arrival, we were greeted with Jeph's dad's fishing gear drying out in the sun.
Being a city girl, I have NEVER gone fishing. I doubt I will EVER have the patience either.
But it's amazing seeing the gear and attire that Mr. Barrios would wear and waddle through the lakes and swamps for fish.
Conclusion, most Americans love fishing.

The best part about Spring is seeing bare and empty trees blooming beautiful flowers before actually having green leaves growing on trees. The blooming process is so quick that trees will turn color within a week.

When I look into the sky....

Big Sis Darlynn and I


Jeph barbecuing Steak for dinner.
Lynn, always animated. As usual.

I don't know if I have introduced Jeremmy, Jeph's brother.

A proud collector of sneakers.
Insane. And this is only half of his collection.
I have never met anyone who loves shoes so much. All he has to do now is get famous, and sell his shoes for $2,000 each.

Boyfriend of mine trying to prove a point- that his mouth is humongous.
My guess, point proven.

The best thing about going to Detroit is enjoying the Asian food since they have quite an Asian Community there. The tradition is to go to the Asian Market and stock up on stuff that we couldn't get here in Kalamazoo, and to get Bubble Tea.
Ever since we found the Malaysian owed Bakery next to the Asian Market, Durian Bubble Tea is a MUST!

Here's Jeph stopping himself from barfing.

Lynn to the counter boy: "Can I have Durian Bubble Tea please."
Jeph: "Owh no! You better finish it now or else you will be walking home."
Lynn to Jeph: *cheekily* "It's amazing! Wanna try?"
Jeph: *Turns away with his fingers pinching his nose* "Smells like drinking your own fart."

At a Vietnamese restaurant teaching Jeph how to have a firm grip with his chopsticks.

I *heart* Sakura flowers!

It's Summer. Why is it still so darn freaking cold!

Ps. I hate my blog header. What should I do? Ideas, Ideas!

Friday, May 15, 2009


Lynn recently showed me a video of JAZMIN from youtube.

Four Amazingly HAWT sisters from LA doing Jazz Acapella.
Asian Pride!


Thursday, May 14, 2009


I have never been so sore in centuries.
As much as I love it, hectic rehearsals and work schedules drive me crazy, especially during summer time.

Since it's summer, most of the students living on campus either go home or live off-campus.
Due to that, NO ONE comes to the cafeteria.
Probably fifteen people in three hours?
Dang. Work has never been so boring.
Rehearsals on the other hand, awesome.
I have not danced hip hop/jazz in so long and I am pretty rusty right now.
Woke up this morning, and I am sore ALL OVER.
Amazing. It's like working out with not working out. Get what I mean?

Bah. Enough of ramblings.
I can't move my neck.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What is this?

Looks like a tiny undecorated chocolate Easter Egg.

Jeph found these little Red Breasted Robin Eggs on the ground in front of his house a couple of days ago. Aren't they beautiful? I have never seen anything like it before.
Although we see chicken eggs everyday, I have never thought about life within it's little brown egg shell.
As ignorant as I am, all I do is crack em into the pan and fry my favorite Sunny-Side-Up, gulp it down for my hearty breakfast, and it'll be forgotten.
But this little thing made me think of the wonder of a chick cracking itself out into the real world.

One word. Amazing.

We decided to save the eggs with all the resources we could find, which was only light for warmth and a little bowl.
Unfortunately, Lynn googled the details of taking care of abandoned bird eggs.
Much to Jeph's dismay, it was too late.

On another note,

I want to go home. *sobs*

Saturday, May 09, 2009

In Conjunction of Mother's Day...

Happy Parent's Day!

*A scanned version of my pocket family portrait taken right before we came back to the United States last August.

Daddykins with Lynn and I at China Guangdong Province.

MummyDearest with Lynn and I at Macau.

Pigging out

I was literally voice-less these couple of days due to the multiple Smoked Barbeque Events that we had since the Kelly's Lake House 2 weeks ago. I was actually surprised that we could actually sing!

Anyways, this is dedicated to Daddykins all the way in Bangladesh and MummyDearest all alone in Malaysia.

Hope you enjoyed it!
Love you both!!!!!