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Friday, May 08, 2009

Farewell and Goodbyes

One of the most common situations we come across most as a human being is people coming in and departing from our lives. To me, friends are the only people we can hang on to when the family is not physically around. That is one thing that I have learned since I came here.

Yui's Farewell

Here's Lynn, Yui and I.
I met Yui in September last year when she came to Western Michigan University as a study abroad student from Japan and she's been gone for almost 3 weeks already.
I never got to know her as much as I could since I was tremendously busy the entire academic year.

Here's Lynn and I with a "Cactus Blossom' from Texas Roadhouse at Yui's Farewell Party.

The Malaysian Gang

Gorgeous Cheryl, Eeno and Yui.

Dear Yui, if you ever read this.
I am glad that I had your last dinner at the cafeteria with you.
Good luck in your future.
I hope I see you again.

Brandon's Goodbyes

Lynn, Eeno and I.
Guess where to?
Another Farewell.

All dolled up for the Bar.

The ladies at Old Burdicks- Rose, Maia, and Lynn

Ze boys

Lynn and I

Lynn and Tome from Macedonia, another awesome person who was annoying at first sight.
I guess I learned that I can't judge a person by the first couple meets.

I just figured that we were all there for Brandon's Farewell and I don't have any pictures with him in my camera. Dang it. Gotta find a way to steal a picture of him.
He's another person that I never really got to hang with.

After party at Cheryl and Eeno's.
Lynn, Big 20 Crystal, Mikey and I.

Hah! It's your birthday Crystal. Have an awesome Big 20!


Okay, no procrastinating!
I'm going running. Whee*

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