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Saturday, May 09, 2009

In Conjunction of Mother's Day...

Happy Parent's Day!

*A scanned version of my pocket family portrait taken right before we came back to the United States last August.

Daddykins with Lynn and I at China Guangdong Province.

MummyDearest with Lynn and I at Macau.

Pigging out

I was literally voice-less these couple of days due to the multiple Smoked Barbeque Events that we had since the Kelly's Lake House 2 weeks ago. I was actually surprised that we could actually sing!

Anyways, this is dedicated to Daddykins all the way in Bangladesh and MummyDearest all alone in Malaysia.

Hope you enjoyed it!
Love you both!!!!!


giam2020 said...

Both of you sisters are really
good in singing and also filial
daughters. Keep it up.

Priscilla Lim said...

Hey Sue Yenn,

I randomly clicked on your link, and here I am!

Both you and your sis are from Seafield right? Still remember you guys from school.

Anyway, I love the video of you guys singing. I'll be the first to admit that I teared a little while watching it. Way too touching. And you guys sing like angels :) Bet your dad and mum were very touched by that gesture.


*YenN* said...

Priscilla Lim: Hey! I think you are a year older than me right? Yeap. You look extremely familiar!! :)

Giam2020: Thank you!! Well I guess it's the least we can do since they're so far away.

Priscilla Lim said...

Lol...yeahhh! a yr older than u, and a yr younger than your sis! :) damn sweet lah u and ur sis. so close! i'm jealous. wish i had a sis too :(