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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Let Speak Feminism Shall We?

Women are more capable than men, in general.

What makes a man, a man?

1. Balls.
Not literally of course since every man owns a pair, unless he is unfortunate.
I have met so many different kinds of people through these years, especially since I came into this world of living on my own, and boy... You may be surprised but some men are just worse than us women in terms of how much they can take.
Now I know why God gave women the responsibility of carrying children.

2. How much you can give?
We're taking about giving emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically.
Now that we're living in a 21st century, not everything is about money (although many of you would beg to differ). Yes, we need money to live, but can money buy happiness?
I hate guys who are calculative and act as if everything they deserve all the joy, wealth, women, and happiness in the world. I would rather live with a person who has an amazing personality and capability (who is not as well-off), than to live with a talk-cock rich brat who feeds off his parent's bank account.

3. Men who think that all they have to do is go out and work, and women were "supposed to be" responsible with all the housework and cooking can go eff off to Planet Mars.
Yes, it used to be like that back in the day when women were supposed to be locked in their homes and not do anything but clean, cook, and please their husbands. Now that the times have change, women have more say and freedom in everything that they want to do, hence the independent women.
So what makes you think women have to work, clean, cook and carry babies, while men's only responsibility is only making money?
I have met several guys like that and I just want to say,
"Wake Up you Bum!! This ain't the 30's anymore. Get a life!"

4. Handy Men are now IN

Recently, I've met several American dudes who caught me by surprise in a sense that they are so gentlemanly not just because us girls were around. It is just the way they are.
Now I can't say and stereotype that all Americans are like that, because that would just be unfair. However, it is so pleasant to have someone settling all your worries and making sure your day goes well just because they like to see you smile.
We need more men like that.

Hmmm... I should just shut up now before I create more enemies with my feminism thoughts.


Back to rehearsals tomorrow....
*runs around yelling.... "nnnnnnnooooooooooo!!"

1 comment:

aahhCHOO said...

Hey talk feminism with me! If women are supposed to be handling household cuz women are incapable compared to men in the workplace, military, politics and sports, then why the hell do u leave the most important responsibility of bringing up our future generation(taking care of babies) to the hands of "incapable" women?
Our future not important meh? Women are equally capable as men, we only need an opportunity to prove that we are ;)

spoken by the true feminist,
Cheng Choo the troublemaker :D

love u babe!!!